Achievements for a Fast Food Cashier Resume

Updated on: September 29, 2015

In today’s fast paced job market, resume writing trends are also changing rapidly and employers seek brief and to-the-point resumes. For almost every position, the hiring managers are mainly focusing on professional accomplishments of the candidates. Stating your personal accomplishments in a quantified manner in your resume is crucial in order to be shortlisted for a fast food cashier position. There are various ways to quantify and express your professional accomplishments, some of which are outlined below for your convenience:

Percentage: Look into your past career, when was a time when you made some contribution that enhanced clientele, reduced billing time or enhanced customer satisfaction? Quantify it. Give a percentage with which your achievement impacted the business.

Money: If you saved money by acting in a cost effective manner or attracted additional clientele, add a dollar sign in your achievement’s section.

Award: Any achievement, big or small is worth mentioning in your resume. Whether you earned an employee of the month, a small appreciation certificate or an international award, make sure you mention it.

Following are some sample Achievements for a fast food cashier resume.

Fast Food Cashier Achievements for Resume

• Attained 100% cash drawer balancing rate in 2014 by leveraging software aided cash till balancing strategies

• Earned ‘Employee of the Month’ award thrice in 2014

• Enhanced customer satisfaction rate by 25% through demonstration of highly effective, accurate, customer service oriented and prompt billing protocols

• Reduced transaction discrepancy rate up till 20% by implementing parallel cash balancing protocols throughout the day at specific intervals

• Reformulated the cashiering SOPs and developed swift and accurate billing and cashiering guidelines that were highly appreciated due to their effectiveness and were also adopted by other outlets of the fast food chain

• Implemented swift bill processing, printing and change calculation protocols that led to an average reduction of 2 minutes billing wait time per order

• Initiated a computerized cash balancing mechanism enhancing the accuracy of cashiering up till 99.5%

• Augmented over all clientele by 30% through demonstration of highly courteous, customer service oriented work ethic

• Received the ‘Most Punctual Employee’ award in 2013

• Upgraded the existing POS software to latest version which led to a 40% reduction in bill processing time

• Maintained the cash till 100% discrepancy free for 6 consecutive months in 2014

• Identified and reported an attempted theft from the cash till through vigilant parallel cash balancing, which was investigated the same day and the missing amount was retrieved