Summary of Qualifications for Home Attendant Resume

Updated on: April 19, 2018

When should one replace a resume objective with a summary of qualifications? Whenever one wants! If you were looking for a long lecture on why and when we should do this, well, you are not getting it!

To be perfectly candid, summaries of qualifications have replaced resume objectives. Some applicants and employers may beg to differ though – resume objectives are still prevalent in entry-level resumes but if you replace them with a summary of qualifications, no one is going to call the cops on you!

Some candidates write an amalgamation of a resume objective and a summary of qualifications. This is not entirely bad. You are giving an employer both, not knowing which will tickle his or her fancy.

Although, this may become tricky if you are dealing with a “no nonsense” employer. Nonetheless, writing it this way isn’t going to lose you any points.

Summaries of qualifications can be written both in paragraph and bullet points. If you feel that you can get your point across through bullet points, by all means, use them. You can even divide this section into two – paragraph and bullet points. There is no rule against it.

What you have to be careful of is to make sure that whatever content you put in this part of your resume, is clear, concise and rings true. It should also be interesting enough to get the reader to keep reading your resume – interest development is the prime job of a summary of qualifications.

To give you examples, have a look at the following ones for a home attendant position:

Summary of Qualifications for Home Attendant Resume

• A highly motivated and competent home attendant with a track record of providing nurturing care to the elderly and assisting them by handling household chores. Proven relationship builder with unsurpassed nurturing skills. Able to provide dedicated personal care by assisting with bathing, grooming and toileting activities and ensuring that overall comfort of wards under care.

• Honest, reliable and polite Home Attendant, well-motivated and able to work on own initiative. Demonstrated ability to care for elderly, handicapped or convalescent individuals with the aim of helping them lead dignified lives.

• Positive, reliable and polite home attendant, capable of working as a motivated team member. Trustworthy and hardworking with exceptional communication skills targeted at assisting wards with ambulation and personal needs and counseling them.

• An enthusiastic and competent home attendant who always strives to achieve a high standard of caregiving to the elderly or handicapped. Sociable personality, friendly approach and proactive in providing personal and logistical care to patients/wards by being constantly present and alert at their sides.