Stay at Home Mom Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: October 8, 2019

Being a stay-at-home mom does not reduce your chances to work in the professional world.

It all depends on how well you present yourself to the hiring manager.


Depending on which position you are applying for, your resume summary should highlight corresponding skills and qualifications.

You may or may not want to mention the hiatus that you have taken from work. Either way, it will be evident when the hiring manager goes through the rest of the resume.

A stay-at-home mom’s resume summary should highlight her inherent skills such as the ability to be organized and excellent communication capabilities.

This will ensure that the hiring manager understands her to be someone who can reintegrate into the work, and not have too many problems restarting her career.


In essence, the resume summary should reflect your knowledge of the specific position for which you are applying. If you have done any courses during your time at home, do not be shy to mention them.

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Some sample resume summaries are provided here to guide you further in this regard.

Stay at Home Mom Resume Summary Examples

• Well-organized, competent, and resourceful individual, with a successful past record in data entry. Highly knowledgeable about collecting and collating data, and entering it into the system. Demonstrated ability to confidentially file information, by following set protocols and rules.

• Excellent communicator, with a solid track record of handling administrative work pre-hiatus. In-depth knowledge of creating and implementing administrative policies and procedures. Well-versed in coordinating efforts with department heads in order to ensure compliance.

• Self-motivated Sales Associate, boasting 4 years of experience between 2011 and 2015. Hoping to reintegrate into the sales world, by offering excellent proficiencies in seeking out customers, and providing them with required product information. Highly skilled in leading customers through the sales procedures, and providing them with aftersales services.

• Event Manager with 5 years of experience in managing parties, birthdays, weddings, and baby and bridal showers. Expert in determining clients’ requirements and providing correlating services and products. Anticipating reclaiming the events management industry lead, post-hiatus of 3 years.

• Lead Teacher, with proven ability to create and implement curriculum and lesson plans. Adept at imparting education through regular and non-conventional means. Excellent knowledge of ensuring students’ physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, and social development needs. Stayed on top of things during a 5-year break from teaching elementary school students, to effectively handle family life.

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