Home Care Aide Resume Summary and Objective Statements

Updated August 23, 2019

Choosing a summary or an objective to place on a home care aide resume is entirely up to you.

Depending on your experience, you can choose one that best suits your resume type.


There are a lot of similarities between a resume and a summary, but some differences as well.

Let us discuss what a resume summary and objective for a home care aide position should be like.

How to Write a Home Care Aide Resume Summary?

Writing a summary for a home care aide resume will require you first to figure out what the hiring manager is looking for.

Typically, you will need to highlight your skills in providing clients/patients with assistance in daily tasks such as bathing and dressing.


Your knowledge of providing basic health-related services to patients in accordance with their needs must be highlighted in your summary.

The Home Care Aide Resume summary statement must not be more than a short paragraph long.

Try to fill it with as much information as possible about your skills in this role.


Home Care Aide Resume Summary Statements

• Top-performing Home Care Aide with over 5 years of experience in providing care to the assigned patients. Highly skilled in monitoring patients’ conditions by observing physical and emotional wellbeing and ensuring the delivery of exceptional care throughout. Effectively able to handle emergency situations by employing First Aid and CPR.

• Uniquely qualified home care aide with 6+ years of successful track record in assisting patients by providing personal services. Unmatched ability to take and record vitals such as blood pressure, pulse, and temperature. Exceptionally talented in recording patient information in making accurate entries in charts.



How to Write a Home Care Aide Resume Objective?

A resume objective for a home care aide position will not be too different from a summary.

If you have had little or no experience in this capacity, it is best to opt for an objective rather than a summary.

Here, you will need to mention what capacity you are applying in, and also customize your objective so that the hiring manager knows that you are applying to his or her organization specifically.

The rest of the information stays more or less the same.


Home Care Aide Resume Objective Examples

• Seeking a position as a Home Care Aide at Helping Hands. Proficient in providing assigned patients with help and assistance in daily tasks, while maintaining their dignity. Proficient in responding to the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of each assigned client.

• Looking for a Home Care Aide position at Care Services Inc. Bringing ability to assist patients with daily living, such as mobility and personal hygiene. Well-versed in preparing nutritious meals, and administering medication in accordance with set treatment plans.

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