Home Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 11, 2018

Home Attendant jobs don’t come easy. You have to make a conscious effort to obtain them. Writing a cover letter to secure a Home Attendant job is essential, as you would want to tell a prospective employer how good you are at certain things that will be important when you are hired. But writing a good cover letter is not everyone’s ballgame. You have to make an effort to write content that is appealing, and informative.

If you want to write a Home Attendant cover letter that is sure to blow away the reader, you will have to sit down and think things through. A thorough self-analysis will go a long way in helping you determine what to write in a cover letter. Focus on what you have to offer to the hiring manager. Write down what makes you a right person to hire, following what the hiring manager is looking for.


Home Attendant Cover Letter Example


August 11, 2018

Mr. John Marion
Human Resource Manager
The Rainbow People
630 Herring Road NE
New Bern, NC 20113


Dear Mr. Marion:

Helping people live dignified and comfortable lives has been my way of life ever since I began working as a home attendant five years ago. Since then, my job satisfaction levels have been high because of the success that I have obtained in rehabilitating my patients. I would now like to help patients at the Rainbow People, as I am sure that my contribution will be exemplary.

During the time that I have worked as a home attendant, I have been actively working to provide assigned patients with assistance in comfortably leading their daily lives. Demonstrated expertise in providing patients with support in daily activities such as bathing, toileting, and grooming makes me an excellent person to hire at this position. Moreover, I am well-versed in monitoring patients to ensure that they remain safe, and can determine conditions to the contrary, ensuring that needed interventions are applied. In addition to this, I am exceptional at handling emergency services, ensuring that CPR and First Aid are administered, focusing on the wellbeing and safety of patients.

The patients I work with love me. And I am sure that you will share their sentiments, once we have met each other in person. I will contact you after 3 days to set up a meeting time and date.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Rebecca Nelson

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