Debt Collector Functional Skills Resume Sample

Updated on: February 9, 2021

A skills resume, also known as a functional resume, is often a bit difficult to build. This type of resume puts all the focus on the candidate’s skills.

A skills-based resume might be opted for, under exceptional circumstances for example, if the candidate has gaps in the chronological work history or the employer stated requirements are skill-based instead of being experience-based.

Writing a perfect skills resume demands a deep understanding of the required skills. The skills must be in alignment with the employer’s job requirements for a skills resume to click.

The following is a skill-based / functional resume for the debt collector position.

Debt Collector Skills Resume Example

Harris Walker
89 Old County Road | Belmont, CA 89744
Cellular: (650) 444-6666 | Email


Enthusiastic and diligent professional with 3+ years’ hands-on experience in debt collection and recovery. Exceptional analytical skills and remarkable ability to negotiate with clients to turn the outcomes in favor of the company. Well versed with state-approved fair debt collection act and relevant policies.


Debt recovery
• Client debt records maintenance
• Liaison among clients and company
• Negotiations
• Ability to achieve and exceed monthly targets regarding debt recovery

• Proficient in handling debt record database and software
• Efficient in MS office suite
• Excellent e-linking skills

Debt collection policies
• State Approved DRS policies
• FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)
• Leasing and finance

Debt management
• Skilled in maintaining client database and issuing timely payment reminders
• Adept at establishing a smooth cash flow at the organization via rapid and well-negotiated debt recoveries
• Track record of maintaining client confidentiality

• Replenished the finance department through a challenging recovery of debts worth 200K for the company
• Negotiated a challenging client party and came to terms with a full payment agreement to replace the initially determined lease project, keeping the company’s financial interests in view


Recovery Officer
Belmont State Department, Belmont, CA
Dec 2015 – Present
• Assist finance panel in decision making regarding approving of loans
• Keep track of lease payments due and ensure the receipt of installments
• Analyze individual cases and chalk out alternative routes like full payments or refunds

Bachelor of Business Administration