Retail Buyer Skills and Qualities

Updated August 15, 2017

Not many people agree (or even know this) but your skills and inherent qualities are what make it worth a hiring manager’s while to hire you.

When a hiring manager sees that a candidate has a lot of experience in retail buying arena, they automatically aligns this with skills. With experience comes a lot of skills polishing – which is what happens generally.

If you are looking to impress a hiring authority, it is best to highlight all your skills and qualities in both your resume and cover letter. Since both these documents give you a lot of leeway to do this, it is good to take advantage of them.

A resume will have an entire section that you can dedicate to skills, which makes it easy for you to articulate what you are capable of. The cover letter too gives you great advantage where mentioning your skills is concerned. Leveraging both these will bring you very close to success.

But remember that your skills and qualities cannot be written in any way that you deem appropriate. In fact, they need to have a certain structure to them – writing skills statements requires a lot of tact and experience.

Some skills statements that you can use for a retail buyer position are provided below for your reference:


Retail Buyer Skills and Qualities


• Highly experienced in analyzing consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends

• Hands-on experience in reviewing performance indicators and effectively reacting to changes in demand and logistics

• Effectively able to create and maintain effective liaison with suppliers and vendors, to negotiate terms and contracts

• First-hand experience in sourcing and selecting new products through catalogues, and by attending trade fairs and events

• Demonstrated expertise in monitoring market changes, competitor prices and products, and performing correlating vendor buying activities

• Proficient in recommending clearance sales, and varying delivery schedules to assist in the control of stock levels

• Adept at presenting new ranges to retail managers, and assisting visual merchandisers in planning store layouts

• Proven ability to work in correlation with advertising personnel to present sales promotions and lead marketing campaigns

• Qualified to negotiate prices and delivery timelines to ensure that the right type of product is delivered to the right place at the right time

• Competent in pitching ideas to senior management in order to ensure that retail buying plans are properly executed

• Skilled in handling budgeting and stock control work, with special emphasis on remaining within set parameters