How to Write a Cover Letter for Healthcare Position?

Updated on: February 5, 2021

Are you thinking to build a perfect cover letter for a healthcare position?

First of all, even if you are sure about the job requirements, read the job description and needed skills and competencies.

Once you are done, chalk down your most relevant attributes.

Make sure you mention these specific skills in your letter and be very clear to the employer regarding the competencies you offer.

Taking it one step further, also mention how your competencies could be beneficial for the prospective organization.

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for Healthcare Position


As you prepare to write, focus on the target position. Read the job description carefully and thoroughly. Try to find out the mission and vision of the prospective employer. Learn about their healthcare policies and patient care standards.


An average employer does not spend more than 20 seconds on a cover letter. If the opening of your cover letter is impressive, you might convince the recruiter to read the rest of the letter and the enclosed resume. You can start by mentioning your passion and praising employers’ name in providing quality healthcare services. Think of unique ways to start your letter to grab maximum attention.

Competencies worth Mentioning

Specimen analysis, handling of medical records, assisting in procedures like dialysis, explaining treatment plans and options, surgical assistance, IV medication administration, and post-surgical care are some of the competencies related to the healthcare profession. Out of the desired competencies list mention the ones you possess and explain how these skills could help you meet their mission.


Use some standard healthcare terminology to create a good impression.


Keep the letter brief, i.e., one page is enough. Use this limited space wisely by avoiding repeating your resume.


The last paragraph is as important as the first one! Leave the employer with a lingering impression of your candidacy.