Buyer Resume Objectives

Updated on March 15, 2018

Buyer positions are prevalent in retail, healthcare and education arenas.

Their primary job is to purchase quality goods or merchandise at a reasonable price.

They work in almost every industry from fashion to pharmaceuticals to technology.

Since the term buyer is a widely used for people working in a purchasing environment, their skills largely depend on how well they know the products that they are paying for.

An employer hiring a buyer will need to ensure that he possesses the product knowledge already or is capable of learning how to procure a particular product.

The fundamental personality trait of a buyer should be a love of procurement!

There is no better way to put this. Since buyers work in a multitude of professional settings they need to ensure that their personality matches with the challenges of this often dull but intriguing work.

If you are looking for a job as a buyer, then you will need to ensure that your buyer resume depicts your skills in identifying the right items and buying it at the proper price. Let us have a look at what a buyer’s resume objectives should be in conjunction with relevant skills and experience.


Sample Objectives for Buyer Resume

• Quality-focused Buyer, seeing a position with Mount Sinai Medical Center utilizing exceptional skills and abilities in standard buying strategies to purchase and arrange timely deliveries.

• Detail-oriented professional looking for a full-time job as a Buyer where strong expertise in identifying the right items and ensuring that they correspond with set protocols will be utilized to streamline buying procedures.

• Competent, dependable buyer seeking a position with ABC Company. Offering superb buying skills and eye for future trends to develop, implement, and manage effective commodity strategies.

• To work for Mount Sinai Hospital as a Buyer. Bringing 6+ years’ experience in evaluating and selecting suppliers, negotiation of supply agreements, and rationalization of the supply base to procure on the most favorable prices.

• A position of Buyer with NBC Universal utilizing my strong capabilities and experience in purchasing materials at the lowest cost in harmony with quality, reliability of source and urgency.

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