Bartending Skills for Resume

Updated November 14, 2018

Bartending Skills for Resume BannerResumes written for bartending jobs must possess skills information.

Even though most applicants believe that skills are better shown than written, it is important to give recruiters some idea about what you are capable of doing as a bartender.

Firstly, it is important to determine your skills. A self-analysis will help you do this.

Then, you will need to see what ones relate to a bartender’s position.

In this instance, you will be highlighting abilities such as customer service-orientation, the capability of creating different beverage mixes, and competency in managing conflicts.

Furthermore, a resume for a bartender should include information of the applicant’s ability to provide quick service.

Also, it is important to highlight cash handling knowledge.

For a bartender position, the following skills statements can be referred to:

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Bartending Skills for Resume

• Greeting patrons while inquiring their orders.
• Suggesting menu items such as drinks and correlating food items.
• Mixing, garnishing, and serving beverages.
• Taking accurate orders, as well as expediting them.
• Keeping bars stocked, cleaned, and maintained.
• Ensuring an enjoyable bar experience for all patrons.
• Providing responsible service of alcoholic beverages.
• Creating and maintaining liaison with vendors and suppliers.
• Maintaining the order of the bar.
• Providing food and drink recommendations while assisting patrons in making choices.
• Checking identification to verify customer age.
• Preparing and serving drinks in accordance with recipes.
• Garnishing drinks with items such as fruits, vegetables, and salts.
• Minimizing problems associated with excessive drinking.
• Processing cash as well as credit card payments.
• Balancing cash drawers.
• Handling cash discrepancies, for example, differences in credits and debits.
• Arranging glasses and bar equipment in a proper manner.
• Overseeing and maintaining inventory levels.
• Restocking in a timely manner.
• Assessing bar patrons’ needs and preferences.
• Planning bar menu, and making recommendations too.
• Complying with food and beverage regulations.
• Developing new cocktail recipes while maintaining the “flavor” of the bar.
• Creating new drinks, in order to attract more business.
• Handling the disputes in an effective manner.

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