39 Bartending Qualifications and Skills for Resume

Updated on: May 6, 2022
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Resumes written for bartending jobs must possess skills and qualifications information.

Even though most applicants believe that skills are better shown than written, it is important to give recruiters some idea about what you are capable of doing as a bartender.

Firstly, it is important to determine your skills. Self-analysis will help you do this. Then, you will need to see what ones relate to a bartender’s position.

How to Write Great Skills and Qualifications on a Bartender Resume?

To make the skills section of a bartender resume, read the advertisement and bartender job description carefully and underline relevant keywords to include in the skills, attributes, abilities, and qualifications section of your resume.

If an employer is looking for somebody who has hospitality skills, is customer-focused, innovative, punctual, and attentive to detail; you should use similar words in the skills/qualifications section of your resume.

Bartender’s hard skills or qualifications are job-related skills that are necessary to perform the job.

Below are some sample qualifications and skills statements for a bartender resume.

You may use 5 to 6 phrases either in the ‘Summary of Qualifications’ or ‘Highlights’ or “Summary” section of your resume.

Bartending Hard Skills and Qualifications for Resume

  1. Greeting patrons and inquiring about their food and wine orders.
  2. Suggesting menu items such as drinks and correlating food items.
  3. Providing food and drink recommendations while assisting patrons in making choices.
  4. Mixing, garnishing, and serving food, beverages, and wines to guests, in a fast and accurate way, in keeping with the employer’s specifications.
  5. Taking accurate orders, as well as expediting them.
  6. Keeping the bar area stocked, cleaned, and maintained at all times.
  7. Ensuring an enjoyable bar experience for all patrons.
  8. Providing responsible service of beverages following strict health and alcohol standards and regulations.
  9. Creating and maintaining liaisons with vendors and suppliers.
  10. Maintaining the order of the bar.
  11. Checking identification to verify customer age.
  12. Preparing and serving drinks in accordance with recipes.
  13. Garnishing drinks with items such as fruits, vegetables, and salts.
  14. Minimizing problems associated with excessive drinking.
  15. Processing cash as well as credit card payments.
  16. Accurately entering information into the POS system.
  17. Balancing cash drawers, generating bills, and collecting money for food/drinks served.
  18. Handling cash discrepancies, for example, differences in credits and debits.
  19. Arranging glasses and bar equipment in a proper manner.
  20. Overseeing and maintaining inventory levels.
  21. Restocking in a timely manner.
  22. Assessing bar patrons’ needs and preferences.
  23. Developing new cocktail recipes while maintaining the “flavor” of the bar.
  24. Handling disputes between staff and guests in an effective manner.
  25. Opening and closing the bar according to the employer’s instructions.
  26. Maintaining an attractive environment for guests, through strict cleanliness.
  27. Checking identification of customers to verify age requirements.
  28. Cleaning, washing, polishing, and arranging glassware in a neat and tidy manner.
  29. Assessing, anticipating, and meeting multiple guests’ needs simultaneously while maintaining high standards of quality.
  30. Adhering to state and company standards for serving beverages.
  31. Providing genuine hospitality and guest services.
  32. Helping guests in choosing menu items, taking orders, and making guests feel taken care of throughout their visit.
  33. Adapting to different personalities of guests and co-workers without losing attention.
  34. Ensuring that members are fully satisfied with the service.
  35. Quickly responding to any requests or concerns of guests.
  36. Handling fire and emergency procedures.
  37. Computer: POS System, Internet, Email.
  38. Smart Serve Certified.
  39. Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS)
22 Bartender Soft Skills for Resume

Soft skills are everyday skills that do not include the technicalities of a bartending job. These skills should also be mentioned in a bartender’s resume to attract the recruiter, as well as resume search engines.

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Sound decision making
  3. Teamwork, sincerity, and courtesy
  4. Communication
  5. Multi-tasking
  6. Organization
  7. Physical stamina
  8. Decision making
  9. Taking initiative
  10. Active listening
  11. Marketing and sales
  12. Teamwork
  13. Time management
  14. Analytical acumen
  15. Technically proficient
  16. Critical thinking
  17. Emotionally mature
  18. Remain calm under pressure
  19. Defuse tense situations
  20. Exceptional memory and recall menu
  21. Able to work weekends and holidays
  22. Bilingual: English and Spanish

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