Lead Server Resume Sample (Qualifications, Job Description)

Updated on: December 24, 2020
Lead Server
A lead server resume is the most important part of your job application set.

A lead server is usually hired to ensure that customers’ orders are appropriately taken, recorded, and relayed to the kitchen area and that orders are expedited.

People working as lead servers are usually required to oversee a team of servers, but they also perform the work of a server. The work requires one to be on his or her feet all the time, both actually, and figuratively speaking.

Writing a resume requires a huge chunk of your time, so you need to be prepared to put in that much time and effort into making one. The following resume sample will help:

Sample Resume for Lead Server Position

Edward Hoss
400 Grey Road, Casper, WY25734
(000) 954-6325


Customer service-oriented individual, with over 7 years of experience of working in the hospitality industry. Highly qualified to provide restaurant patrons with exceptional food and beverage service, following set protocols. Demonstrated expertise in taking meal orders, and repeating them for clarity.

• Implemented a novel system that automatically provided alerts in cases of orders being late.
• Substituted as a food preparer for 4 weeks, in the absence of the usual food preparation worker.
• Successfully handled serving of 5 orders at the same time, on an unusually busy day at the restaurant.
• Trained 20 other servers in handling order taking and serving activities, as part of their induction program.


Lead Server
Five Star Hotel, Casper, WY
• Greet customers according to the specified protocol and serve welcome drinks and water.
• Assist waiters in taking orders and recording them properly on tabs, or order sheets.
• Provide support to patrons in choosing menu items that correlate to their taste buds.
• Relay orders to the kitchen area, and ensure that they are followed up on to expedite them.
• Take orders to the frontend and serve them to awaiting patrons according to the procedure.
• Provide patrons with information on available beverages and special beverages and serve them according to their orders.
• Clean tables after patrons have left, and ensure that they are bussed immediately in anticipation of the next lot.
• Ensure that the condiments trolley is supplied correctly, and provide managers with information about low stock situations.

Kitchen Helper
The Hyatt, Casper, WY           
• Assisted in preparing food items such as soups, salads, and sandwiches, and portioning them properly.
• Oversaw the cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen equipment, including grills, fryers, and ovens.
• Provided support in performing cutting, cubing, chopping, and slicing meats and vegetables.
• Monitored food inventory and supplies to ensure that optimum levels were maintained.
• Ensured that food rotation activities were properly carried out, aimed at keeping frozen food fresh.

Grand Restaurant, Casper, WY       
• Provided patrons with information on which menu items to choose, according to their specific liking.
• Set up tables according to the protocol, ensuring that time management is kept a priority.
• Created and maintained effective liaison with kitchen staff, aimed at expediting orders.

Casper High School, Casper, WY – 2009
High School Diploma

• Table Setting
• Order Taking
• Bussing
• Cleaning and Maintenance
• Patron Assistance
• Kitchen Liaison
• Order Expediting
• Food Preparation
• Complaint Handling
• Buffet Setup
• Tier-1 Greeting
• Refills Handling


Lead Server Qualifications for Resume

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a lead server. However, if you have had some experience working in the foodservice industry, you may be considered a great hire.

Besides education, you need to possess knowledge of common food practices, as they relate to serving food in a restaurant. Since you will be working in a supervisory role, it is essential that you possess excellent leadership skills, and can throw your weight around a bit. Physical dexterity is essential in this work, as you often need to work for long hours on your feet, and will be carrying heavy trays as well.

Working as a lead server is no walk in the park. You have to make an effort to ensure customer satisfaction, and repeat business opportunities. A list of duties specific to the role of a lead server is provided below:

Lead Server Job Description

• Greet customers as they are seated at their tables, and offer them water and welcome drinks.
• Oversee the order taking process, and assist patrons in deciding what to order in accordance with their preferences.
• Provide patrons with information on which drinks complement chosen food items.
• Receive order sheets and ensure that servers connect with kitchen staff to relay orders.
• Oversee the inflow of orders and ensure that they are expedited and delivered on time.
• Check all orders to ensure conformity to standards and make sure that their portions are properly laid out.
• Ensure that orders are delivered to patrons’ tables promptly, and inquire into further ordering preferences.
• Oversee servers to ensure that they provide refills to patrons, and take and serve any additional orders.
• Provide oversight in the cleaning and maintenance of restaurant areas, especially tables and chairs.
• Ensure that tables are cleaned, clothes are changed, and that dishes and cutlery are replaced as soon as patrons leave.
• Assist in the kitchen area in cases where the workload is high, by preparing food items such as salads, sandwiches, and soups.