11 Crew Member Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: August 6, 2020

Writing your skills and qualifications in a crew member resume is difficult. That is because it is very challenging to identify your core qualifications.

While it is important that you write about your experience, it is equally important to highlight your skills in your resume.

A skills and qualifications section gives the most compelling evidence of your candidacy as a crew member. Besides that, it gives the employer some points to discuss in the interview.

It must be remembered that a dedicated skills and qualifications section on a Crew Member Resume gives a reason for employers to take a look at your experiences.

The following are some examples to show you how you can write your skills and/or qualifications in a separate section of your resume.

11 Sample Skills and Qualifications for Crew Member Resume

  1. Hands-on experience in making customers feel welcome by greeting them enthusiastically as they approach the counter
  2. Highly skilled in providing customers with information on menu items and the day’s specials
  3. Deeply familiar with handling upselling duties, aimed at generating revenue and increasing sales
  4. Proficient in punching orders into the restaurant database and providing customers with information on totals
  5. Adept at processing cash and credit and debit card payments, with special focus on the accuracy of the transactions
  6. First-hand experience in preparing and packing food items according to the restaurant’s policies and sanitation procedures
  7. Poised to adhere to the company’s food holding times and temperatures to ensure that food is served fresh
  8. Recognized for clearly and concisely communicating product knowledge and information to customers
  9. Effectively able to enhance customers’ experience through engagement and sampling activities
  10. Deep insight into performing cooking tasks such as inserting, rotating and removing baking trays and monitoring ovens for correct baking times
  11. Competent in bagging delivery and take away orders by paying special attention to the accuracy of orders and correct delivery timelines