Bread Baker Resume Sample

Updated on: November 6, 2022

In a bread baker resume, you have to show the hiring manager your skills in baking different types of bread. Ensure that all sections are properly filled out with the right information. These would include:

  • Skills in baking bread.
  • Competencies in handling kitchen work.
  • Accomplishments that you have to your name.
  • Experience as a baker.

And here is a bread baker resume sample you can use as a template:

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Bread Baker Resume Sample

Edward Riley
99 Eagle Road
Saint Paul, MN54933
(000) 897-8754


Experienced baker, with exceptional knowledge of baking different types of bread. Highly skilled in determining the right ingredients for each bread type, as well as following set recipes. Demonstrated expertise in ensuring the correct combination and mixes required for each bread type.

– Recipe Development – Measuring
– Combining – Food Safety
– Quality Control – Tasting and Testing
– Packing and Labeling – Temperature Setting
– Equipment Maintenance – Controls Adjustment
– Bread Slicing – Vendor Relations


  • Devised 3 new bread recipes, thereby, increasing customer flow to the bakery.
  • Implemented a unique packing system, and as a result, increased the life of bread by 50%.
  • Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on ovens, reducing breakdown incidents by 65%.
  • Trained 15 newly hired bakery hands in handling baking preparation and baking tasks.


Bread Baker
Enna Bakery, Saint Paul, MN

  • Check recipes in order to determine the required ingredients.
  • Ensure that the right type and quantity of ingredients are acquired.
  • Follow bread-baking recipes to measure ingredients.
  • Mix and combine ingredients using hand or electric whisks or beaters.
  • Prepare baking tins, and pour the mixture into them.
  • Set oven heat at the right temperature, and wait for ovens to be heated before placing tins in them.
  • Check timers in order to ensure that the bread is baked properly.
  • Remove baked bread from ovens and place them on cooling racks.
  • Pack and label cooled bread with information such as type and expiry date.
  • Place bread on display shelves.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on ovens on a regular basis.

Baking Assistant
Per Se Bakers, Saint Paul, MN

  • Measured ingredients that needed to be put into baking mixtures.
  • Assisted in mixing ingredients properly.
  • Ensured that ovens were properly cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Performed food rotation tasks.
  • Created and affixed information labels on packed bakery items.

Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts
Saint Paul Culinary School, Saint Paul, MN

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