Child Advocate Cover Letter Example

Updated on: November 5, 2022

Working as a child advocate is quite challenging. As a child advocate, you have to have the passion to prove that you have your client’s best interests in mind.

At the time of writing a cover letter for a child advocate resume, you must ensure that your cover letter sings praises for you. The fact that you can do justice to this work must be outlined in your cover letter.

The ability to determine children’s best interests, and to advocate their rights in front of a judge or jury is important. Equally important is to be able to get to know your clients so that you can provide advocacy properly.

If you are facing difficulties writing a cover letter for a child advocate position, we suggest that you go through the following sample:

Child Advocate Cover Letter Sample

Rose Harbor
(000) 790-1778

November 5, 2022

Mr. Anthony Evans
Human Resources Department
Pierce’s Advocacy Services
25 Arcade Avenue
Saint Paul, MN

Dear Mr. Evans:

Deciding to take up a career as a child advocate is perhaps the most amazing decision of my life. With exceptional experience and expertise in child advocacy, I am sure that I will be a great credit to your organization. Once you have been through the enclosed resume, I am positive that you will feel the same way.

As a child advocate, it goes without saying that I have my clients’ best interests at heart. Since I am a soft individual, it is easy for me to reach children in order to obtain the right information from them. Determining if children are doing well in their current circumstances in school or with guardians or foster families is my niche. And I possess demonstrated expertise in determining cases so as to come up with plausible recommendations to present in a court of law.

As an individual who has a great capacity to reach out to children, I have often been commended on my ability to handle complex cases. And since I am a perfectionist by nature, I delve into each detail with great gusto, so that children under my care are never given a raw deal.

It would be pertinent for us to meet so that I can provide you with more profound reasons why I should be considered as a child advocate to represent your organization. I will remain in touch. Until I have the opportunity to set up a meeting date and time, I can be reached at (000) 790-1778.

Thank you for considering my application for the Child Advocate job at Pierce’s Advocacy Services.


Rose Harbor

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