Bread Baker Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: November 6, 2022

Position Overview

A bread baker works in bakeries and restaurants where their main work is to bake different types of bread. They are required to know basic bread-baking recipes, as well as baking timelines.

As a bread baker, it is your responsibility to ensure that the bread that you bake is tasty. The ability to follow recipes is very important. Different baking concerns will have different ways in which they bake bread, and it is up to you to ensure that you do your baking accordingly.

As a bread baker, you will be expected to remain on your feet most of the day, in a hot kitchen environment. And you will have to be able to handle it all. At times, you will be expected to take and handle many orders at the same time.

Position Requirements

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a bread baker. But if you have some culinary training, you will be considered a good person to hire.

Bread Baker Duties and Responsibilities

• Look through recipes in order to determine which ingredients are required to bake bread.

• Follow recipes so as to bake different types of bread.

• Measure and combine the right ingredients using mixers and blenders.

• Ensure that all ingredients are mixed well, by using whips and whisks.

• Heat ovens to the right temperatures.

• Pour batter into bread trays or tins, and place them in preheated ovens.

• Ensure that bread tins are not disturbed during the time that they are being baked.

• Keep a constant check on baking bread in order to ensure that it does not burn.

• Take baked bread out of the oven and place it on cooling racks.

• Remove baked bread from tins after it has cooled down.

• Pack cooled bread in plastic or paper wraps in order to present it properly.

• Test bread batches to ensure high quality in taste.

• Paste expiry data and nutritional information on bread packs.

• Place packed bread on shelves or displays.

• Create and maintain effective liaisons with vendors and suppliers in order to ensure timely delivery of baking supplies.

• Ensure the cleanliness and sanitization of all kitchen areas.

• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on kitchen equipment such as ovens and cooking ranges.

• Oversee the training needs of other individuals, such as trainee bakers and bakery staff members.

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