Bakers use many different types of techniques to perform their work; they may be expected to follow recipes or be given some artistic essence in order to make a baked item taste or look better. They begin their day by making and cutting dough and perform a number of duties during the course of the day such as cutting, baking and decorating baked items.

Bakers probably have the most amazing careers – they get to do what they love doing and get paid for it! Bakers are employed by many professional environments such as bake shops, restaurants and hotels. They are usually trained meticulously in the art of baking; with so much competition out there, it is important that they keep up with the latest baking techniques and pastry decoration. The more information there is about a baker’s expertise in a resume, the better the chances of employment!

If baking is something you love and have some expertise in it, you can use the following cover letter sample to apply for a job as a baker.


Baker Cover Letter Sample


Agnes Lard
568 Fort Road
Sellersburg, IN 68900
(210) 000-9888
anges.l @ email . com

June 11, 2015

Mr. Foster Adam
Manager Human Resources
332 Crown Avenue
Sellersburg, IN 66411


Dear Mr. Adam:

As a knowledgeable and energetic individual, I would like to apply for a baker job at Hilton. The best way that I can emphasize my eligibility for the position of a Baker is my hands-on experience and an inherent love for baking.

I joined Tempting Treats five years ago and increased its customer base 37% by introducing fondant cakes by me. Because fondant was a novel concept back then, many customers were drawn to the idea of ordering something new; now that the concept has caught on, Tempting Treats still gets the highest number of orders in Sellersburg!

I like trying new things; my cakes, donuts and breads always have something new to offer as far as taste and aesthetics are concerned. I can easily maintain quality as I follow recipes appropriately and note down any modification that is needed to be included in order to ensure quality the next time. I enjoy both baking activities and cake decoration which is why I spend a lot of time researching different baking techniques, trying out novel baking equipment and experimenting with icings.

Working at Hilton will provide me with a greater responsibility which is why I am eager to be part of your organization. I would like you to try samples of my work so that you can gauge the quality of my work. I am also willing to demonstrate my skills in a kitchen if you need to confirm my eligibility for this position. To set up an interview, I will call you after a few says. You may reach me on the contact details given above.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting with you soon!



Agnes Lard

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