Career Objectives of a Food Attendant

Updated August 5, 2018

A food attendant works in a variety of settings including fast food chains, restaurants, resorts, and hotels. Their primary job is to assist the hospitality staff by removing soiled plates and cleaning up tables and booths.

They may also be required to push carts and collect silverware and dishes and transport them to the kitchen for washing.

Food attendants may also be required to set tables and arrange both dishes and silverware on them. They may also assist servers in bringing and serving food to guests and providing refilling services. Due to the nature of their work, food attendants are required to work with physical dexterity and speed. They need to have a focus on what they are doing so that they can manage setting tables effectively. They need to possess the physical stamina to be able to stand and move on their feet for long hours. People working in this position need to work with a purpose and ensure that their skills are honed adequately for this type of work.

If you are on this page because you are looking for skills that you need to put in your resume objective, you have come to the right place. The following sample objectives may assist you in writing your own.

Food Attendant Resume Objectives

• Looking for a position as a Food Attendant at Pearl Suites utilizing skills in serving food and bussing tables.

• Self-reliant professional seeking a position as a Food Attendant with Food Court. Offers excellent customer service acumen and expertise in bussing activities.

• To obtain a position as a Food Attendant with Larco Yummies. Offering a keen understanding of customer services and excellent knowledge of guest area maintenance.

• Looking for a Food Attendant position with Yogurtberry where my skills in bussing tables, managing customers, and server assistance are utilized to provide customers with an excellent restaurant experience.

• To work as a Food Attendant position for Pizza Hut. Bringing expertise in managing guest areas concerning cleanliness and neatness and coinciding experience in providing above par customer services is used to orchestrate smooth restaurant operations.

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