Cover Letter for Food and Beverage Attendant Position

Updated April 5, 2022
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Food and beverage attendants work in foodservice establishments where their primary duties include providing hospitality and customer service for patrons.

They may be expected to take orders, serve food and beverages, and clean tables.

The following cover letter will provide us with insight into how a person applying for this job will need to highlight his skills in a cover letter.

Food and Beverage Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Sally Field
6-266 7th Street
Kingsland, AK 66633
(000) 888-8888
[email protected],com

April 4, 2022

Mr. Cary Caprio
Manager HR
645 Amanda Street
Kingsland, AK 74645

Dear Mr. Caprio:

I saw your advertisement for the position of a Food and Beverage Attendant in The News and am delighted at the prospect of putting my expertise for Yummy’s success.

My previous place of work has taught me a lot in terms of providing direct food and beverage services to restaurant patrons. I have the know-how of relevant greeting protocols along with ensuring appropriate order taking and serving management. Moreover, I possess a demonstrated ability to ensure that all requests are handled with accuracy and great attention to detail.

Furthermore, my extensive experience in the F&B industry has instilled in me the capability to understand the need for appropriate service and ensure that each patron’s order is well taken care of. My natural ability to maintain a neat and clean environment ensures that my workspace and the serving areas are always appropriately cleaned.

By virtue of my love of working in the F&B field, I am confident in my ability to do justice to this Food and Beverage Attendant job. I will call your office to ask for an interview date soon and can be reached at (000) 888-8888 if you need any information from me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sally Field

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