Food Runner Job Description for Resume

Updated on: August 18, 2018

Food runners are an essential part of the hospitality industry. They usually work as augmentation and assistance to the wait-staff and are required to deliver food to the tables. Since they are the last ones to look at the dish before presenting to a customer, it is of the utmost importance that they know what the recipe is supposed to look like. They may be required to answer questions about the food and the facility’s service while serving the food.

Food runners and servers do not only serve food. They are required to perform some secondary tasks such as cleaning tables, bussing tables, filling glasses, at times taking orders and even assisting the kitchen staff in maintaining their work areas. Food runners need to be extremely efficient and detail oriented along with a courteous manner as they are always in direct contact with the customer.

Following are some duties that a food runner is required to perform. These statements can be used while writing a Food Runner Resume.

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Food Runner Job Description

• Greet guests as they enter into the premise
• Provide preliminary information regarding menu
• Describe dishes to customers
• Deliver food to tables
• Check food for accuracy
• Prepare soups and salads when required
• Replenish food and beverages
• Take additional orders when required
• Bus and clear tables
• Clean tables and work areas
• Wash dishes and assist in food preparation
• Transport trays of soiled dishes

This list does not constitute a food runner’s entire job description. Since it depends on the specific requirements of an employer and requires an individual to perform many additional tasks, the job duties list is almost always added to. Some food runners also double as cashiers and even cooks depending on their skills and the work setting that they are working in.