Food Counter Attendant Resignation Letter Sample

Updated on: January 9, 2023

Food counter attendants are usually the primary and sometimes the only contact people in a restaurant.

They take orders from customers, serve orders and take cash against items sold. In some establishments, they are also responsible for food preparation.

With many restaurants and other fast food places opening up all over the country, the turnover rate of a food counter attendants is quite high, and people switch jobs all the time.

If you are a food counter attendant thinking of changing jobs, the following resignation letter sample may be useful for you.

Food Counter Attendant Resignation Letter Example

Sarah Mathews
55 Rockwood Drive
Sacramento, CA 77777
(000) 854-9565

January 9, 2023

Mr. Frank Gilbert
Manager HR
Food Point
12 Serang Drive
Sacramento, CA 44444

Dear Mr. Gilbert:

I am writing to tender my resignation from the post of Food Counter Attendant on 2 weeks’ notice, effective January 22. I had been looking for work close to my house in Bakersfield for some time since I need to be with my ailing mother. I have just been presented with such an opportunity.

When I started working for Food Point three years ago, I had no idea I would pursue this as a career. Whatever I know professionally at this point has been taught to me by you and saying thank you is just not enough. As a beginner, you gave me the opportunity to work in this extremely customer-oriented environment and trained me in so much more than just serving food. I attribute my skills and knowledge to Food Point entirely and would like to work here again, should an opportunity occur in the future.

I must say I am quite sad at the thought of leaving and will miss everything and everyone that I have worked with over the years. I ensure that I hand over my work to whomever you decide to place in my position.

Thank you once again for teaching me to be much more than a food counter attendant.


(Sign here)
Sarah Mathews

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