Grill Attendant Job Description

Updated on: September 27, 2018

Grill attendants perform many duties specific to grill cooks – and more. On a typical work day, grill attendants prepare grilled and fried foods and cope with actual cooking activities based on present recipes. Working in a variety of settings such as restaurants and hotels, grill attendants prepare, season, carve, cook and serve food items. Before they perform actual serving duties, grill attendants are expected to check what they have cooked to make sure that the taste and quality are according to the standards set by the organization.

Since grill attendants always remain in direct contact with customers, they need to be courteous and friendly. A smile and a quick hand go a long way in making a grill attendant successful at his work. Owing to the benefits of grilled food, it has been in very high demand over the last few years. This is one of the prime reasons for grill cooks and attendants to be hired on such a massive scale.

When a grill attendant is hired, much is taken into consideration. A grill attendant needs to be able to execute food preparation tasks in a safe and timely manner. Where barbecued food is concerned, grills are busy places; you will find grill attendants on the go at all times owing to high order volumes.

Some of the duties grill attendants are expected to perform as under.

Grill Attendant Job Description

• Prepare food items for grilling purposes by seasoning and marinating them
• Grill, cook and fry various meats, eggs, and vegetables
• Prepare steaks and chops on grilling stoves and ovens
• Garnish and decorate grilled food items
• Taste grilled food to ensure that the taste is just right
• Clean and maintain grilling equipment such as grillers and grilling ovens
• Take orders for grilled food items from customers
• Place food items on plates and platters and decorate them aesthetically
• Ensure that all items needed to perform grilling activities are available at all times
• Manage inventory and order supplies
• Maintain sanitary workstations and equipment
• Ensure that all tables are bussed appropriately
• Prepare all grilled items in accordance to customers’ instructions
• Operate cash registers by taking payments in cash and processing credit cards
• Ensure that the cash register is balanced at the end of the shift
• Maintain grill storage areas appropriately
• Return tables and chairs to proper locations
• Partner with culinary team to ensure that all grilled orders are provided in sync with the rest of the order