Box Office Attendant Resume Sample (+Job Description)

Updated on: March 31, 2023

Falling under the broader category of cashiers, box office attendants work at cinemas, concert halls, and sports stadiums.

They are the first people customers contact when they buy tickets for movies, plays, dances, or games.

Since they are technically “first contact people”, they need to be enthusiastic and pleasant while interacting with customers.

Box office attendants sell tickets, take payments, provide information to customers, and handle administrative tasks that are necessary to keep their work and work area organized.

They need to be good communicators and have exceptional fiscal management skills along with knowledge of handling some marketing tasks.

They need to be computer literate but do not necessarily need to possess more than a high school diploma. Some knowledge of the place that they are working for (movies, theaters, dance forms, etc.) may prove useful when providing customers with information on shows.

People who have experience in handling computerized ticketing systems are usually preferred for this position.

They should be willing to work during unsociable hours which is why they need to be flexible with their work timings.

As a box office attendant, you have to cater to hundreds of customers in one go, so it is imperative to be energetic.

The following Box Office Attendant resume sample can help you write a possibly successful resume for a box office attendant’s position.

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Box Office Attendant Resume Example 

Wilma Donor
Sunrise, FL
(000) 956-3265
[email protected]


Energetic box office attendant with 10 years of firsthand experience in operating complex ticketing systems and providing exceptional customer service during extreme rush hours. In-depth knowledge of handling POS systems and managing accounting duties.

• Functional knowledge of completing cash and credit transactions in exchange for tickets sold.
• Able to maximize ticket sales by employing suggestive selling skills.
• Comprehensive knowledge of popular sports, arts, and media programs presently being run in the city.
• Strong background in handling reporting and cash drawer balancing duties aimed at minimizing financial discrepancies.

• Introduced Theater Tech – a complete movie ticketing system – to the organization, thereby reducing ticket dispensing time by 46%.
• Streamlined the ticketing process by employing anticipatory measures to determine interest in particular shows.
• Increased ticket sales by $2000 per month by suggestive selling to interest existing customers in watching back-to-back shows.
• Decreased customer queue time by 50% by suggesting additional help on the same counter during weekends and popular shows.

– Box Office Operations – Accounting Procedures
– Returns Processing – General Administration
– Premise Cleanliness – Merchandise Packaging
– Ticket Issuance – Customer Service
– Cash Handling – Payment Calculation
– Health/Safety Precautions – Shelves Stocking


Box Office Attendant
Bear Theater Company, Sunrise, FL
5/2016 – Present
• Greet customers as they arrive at the counter and inquire about their choice of show
• Provide specific information regarding shows such as dates and times
• Answer customers’ questions regarding the availability of tickets and seats
• Provide customers with alternative seating arrangements if their own choice of seats isn’t available
• Assist customers in choosing seats on the theater map
• Punch customers’ information into ticketing systems and print tickets
• Check printed tickets to confirm customers’ information and show date and time accuracy
• Inform customers of payment options and take payment in exchange for sold tickets
• Employ suggestive selling skills to market back-to-back shows and encourage sales of future shows
• Balance the cash register at the end of each day by counting cash and ensuring that it corresponds to the number of tickets sold

Frata Cinemas, Sunrise, FL
• Assisted in selling tickets to customers during rush hours
• Streamlined queues outside ticketing houses to ensure chaos management
• Checked customers’ tickets to ensure that they have entered the correct show hall
• Directed customers to their seats
• Answered customers’ questions regarding theater policies and protocols
• Handled conflicts between customers and managed unruly customers according to cinema policies

High School Diploma
Grover High School, Sunrise, FL | 2008

Box Office Attendant Job Description for Resume

Box Office Attendant performs some or all of the following duties. You can use some of these phrases to build your resume.

  • Greet customers as they approach the ticketing counter and inquire about how they would like to be serviced
  • Check for seat availability in the system and provide customers with seating options
  • Assist customers in choosing good seats by guiding them on the seating map
  • Take customers’ information, enter it into the system, and ensure that proper information has been punched in
  • Print out tickets, and ensure that date, time, and seat numbers are accurately displayed
  • Hand over tickets to customers and ask them to verify the information
  • Provide customers with any special information regarding their chosen show or an upcoming one that might be of interest to them
  • Inform customers of special deals or discounts on bundle tickets
  • Calculate the amount of cash owed against the number of tickets bought
  • Take payment in exchange for tickets sold and give back any due change
  • Word in a fast manner to ensure that customer queues are served quickly
  • Count cash in the cash register at the end of the shift and tally it with tickets sold
  • Delve into any evident discrepancies and ensure that they are resolved before the end of the shift
  • Create and maintain reports of sold tickets and payments received

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