Convenience Store Attendant Job Description and Duties

Updated November 11, 2022
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Position Overview

A convenience store attendant performs a multitude of duties similar to those of stock clerks and cashiers.

Since they work in convenience stores, they usually work on a rotating shift.

Their main job is to make sure that they service customers’ requests and ensure a high level of satisfaction and return business.

Convenience store attendants do everything from stocking shelves, handling inventory, managing cash points, and providing suggestions to customers on what to buy.

One has to be polite and accommodating and possess the ability to handle adversities in a calm and collected manner.

Convenience Store Attendant Job Requirements

Working as a convenience store attendant will require you to possess a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.

Possessing exceptional customer service skills, knowledge of retail and food service work and the ability to handle cash carefully are all prerequisites for this job.

Since a convenience store attendant is usually the only person a customer meets when he or she enters the store, it is imperative for the attendant to be vigilant, and attentive!

Many customers will provide return business to a convenience store just because they were handled well the first time. In essence, this is much like a retail environment.

Convenience Store Attendant Job Description and Duties

• Greet customers as they arrive inside the store and politely inquire about their purpose for visiting.

• Direct customers to the correct aisles within the store or escort them to the proper shelf or aisle.

• Assist shoppers in finding specific items and answer any questions that they might have.

• Provide guidance and advice on product selection and make customers aware of features and expiry dates.

• Lead customers through the buying process by processing their payments, both credit card and cash ones.

• Tender change and receipts and ensure that customers are made aware of return and exchange policies.

• Handle stocking duties to ensure that shelves are populated adequately according to demand.

• Prepare and serve food items such as sandwiches and heat the pre-cooked pizzas for customers to take away.

• Handle incoming merchandise and ensure that it is correctly entered into the inventory system.

• Assist customers in pumping gas and handling associated cash management activities.

• Clean and maintain the inside and exterior of the convenience store and ensure that trash cans are properly emptied and cleaned.

• Wipe and sanitize counters and shelves and monitor fitting rooms to ensure that no nefarious activities take place.

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