Grocery Cart Attendant Job Description

Updated on: May 24, 2018

A grocery cart attendant works in a grocery store or a retail environment that hosts a grocery section.

He or she is expected to perform many tasks associated with the retail end of the work, but the primary job of a cart attendant is to make sure that all grocery carts are appropriately handled, following the policies and procedures of the store.

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a grocery cart attendant. If you have had previous experience in this regard, you will need little training, and this will encourage a hiring manager to look at your candidature with great enthusiasm.

As a grocery cart attendant, you will be expected to ensure that the assigned cart is stocked with grocery items and that the need for rotating perishable products is respected. At this position, you will be required to handle the many tasks associated with customer services – you will be in direct and constant contact with customers, and will need to make sure that they leave happy, and return to provide more business opportunities.

Working as a grocery cart attendant may be a bit tiring, as you have to be on your feet the entire day. Knowledge of grocery items, their prices, and their uses is critical in this role. To work as a grocery cart attendant, you have to have a pleasant manner, and the ability to handle sales. Here is what you will be doing on any typical work day as a grocery cart attendant:

Grocery Cart Attendant Duties & Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the grocery cart, and provide them with information on freshly arrived grocery items.

• Assist customers in taking items off the grocery cart, and place them on weighing scales.

• Tag picked and packed grocery items with weight and price information, and put them carefully in customers’ shopping carts.

• Guide customers about directions and product placements within the retail setting, and assist them by directing them through the payment procedures.

• Stock grocery carts with assigned items, by first transporting them from the storage areas.

• Check all grocery items for freshness, before placing them on assigned carts, and remove and discard any overripe items.

• Clean and maintain assigned grocery carts on a constant basis, and ensure that they are in good repair at all times.

• Respond to customers’ queries and complaints, in accordance with the store’s policies, protocols, and procedures.