Box Office Assistant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: March 7, 2022

The person responsible for selling you tickets for your favorite movies is a box office assistant.

This individual is the first person that you will meet when you go to the cinema.

He or she will ask you which film and which show you would like to see and then offer you seat selections.

Once you have decided where you want to sit, the box office assistant will issue seats to you, take payments, and tender change.

Most box office assistants work on rotating shifts.

Since movies at the cinema begin during the day and different shows keep the cinema open till the wee hours of the morning, a box office assistant may work on any shift, depending on personal preferences and scheduling systems.

To work as a box office assistant, you have to have a pleasant personality, be a good communicator, and have great attention to detail.

Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to sit or stand for long periods of time are also essential if you want to work in this position.

As a box office assistant, you may be required to perform some or all of the following duties on a typical workday:

Box Office Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they approach the box office counter and inquire into their movie preferences.
• Provide information on running movies and show timings along with seat availability.
• Take customers’ information (such as name and age) and punch it into the system for verification purposes.
• Provide customers with information on the age-appropriateness of their desired movie and ensure that identification is properly conducted for rated films.
• Issue tickets to customers and ask them to verify seat, movie, and date information on them.
• Accept credit card and cash payments for sold tickets and tender change and receipts.
• Handle reservations for shows over the telephone and in-person and ensure that any cancellations are managed according to cinema protocols.
• Balance cash registers against tickets sold and ensure that any discrepancies or problems are immediately handled.
• Create and maintain reports of sold tickets and cinema income and provide feedback to managers regarding movies’ success or failure.
• Assist in booking entire cinema halls for special screenings and issue tickets/passes to authorized guests and support staff.
• Ensure that leaflet racks are fully stocked and that the counter is properly cleaned and maintained.
• Issue auxiliaries such as 3D glasses and ensure that returned glasses are counted and stored properly.