Walmart Deli Associate Job Description, Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: October 12, 2020
Walmart Deli Associate Job Description

Walmart is a one-stop shopping environment which means it provides a lot of services/products under one roof.

One section is that of a deli for which it hires dedicated deli associates, who are trained in handling the various duties associated with sales and promotion of deli products.

Deli workers at Walmart are usually the first people customers meet when they enter the deli section at a Walmart store. They provide customers with information on available products, their uses, and expiry dates and also help them choose which suits their needs best.

Also, they perform some backend work such as receiving deli items like meats and cheeses and ensure that they are properly stored and/or displayed in the food display area.

Handling food items requires a certain amount of skill and knowhow which is why it is important for deli associates to be qualified in food safety and management.

Walmart Deli Associate Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Greet customers as they arrive at the deli counter/section and inquire into their purpose of visit
  2. Provide information regarding available deli items such as meats and cheeses
  3. Educate customers about the contents and cuts of various deli items
  4. Make sandwiches and salads from deli items according to customers’ instructions
  5. Pick and pack chosen items and ring them up in the POS system
  6. Process cash and credit and debit card transactions and tender change and receipt
  7. Ensure that sufficient supply of deli items is displayed in cases
  8. Order deli items low in stock and receive and store them appropriately
  9. Handle maintenance and rotation of deli items to avoid spoilage and damage
  10. Prepare deli products by cutting, slicing, and cubing them according to provided instructions
  11. Pack ready to sell deli products in proper containers and place them aesthetically in glass display cases
  12. Label packed items with type and pricing information
  13. Clean display cases, counters, utensils, and surrounding areas
  14. Handle signage and displays of available merchandise and ensure that it is updated as needed
Walmart Deli Associate Position Requirements

To be eligible for a Walmart deli associate position, one needs to be competent in areas such as food safety, inventory, and customer service.

Since they often have to lift heavy boxes of deli items, it is important for them to be physically dexterous as well.

Good motor skills, including the ability to operate a point of sales (POS) system, is also an important prerequisite to this work.

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