Position Overview

Working in a more casual environment as compared to restaurant, deli associates take orders for deli food products and handle food preparation duties. As customers arrive at the deli counter, deli associates greet them and ask them for their particular preferences or orders. Once they know what a customer is looking for, it is up to the deli workers to ensure that salads and sandwiches are prepared according to instructions provided by customers.

There are many aspects of a deli worker’s position. Since this an exceptionally customer oriented job, deli workers need to make sure that they listen to orders carefully and prepare them exactly as the customers have instructed. Apart from serving customers, deli associates are also required to make sure that their work area is clean and that all deli supplies and equipment are readily available.

Deli associates work in many settings such as bakeries, independent delis and on deli counters in malls and retails stores. Although a deli associate’s work is dependent on the type of work environment he or she is working in, there are some duties that remain standard – such as the following:

Deli Associate Job Description

• Welcome customers who approach the deli counter and ask for their orders
• Take orders and punch them in database
• Repeat orders to ensure order accuracy
• Take cash in exchange of deli products sold
• Prepare salads and sandwiches according to customers’ instructions
• Use equipment such as fryers and ovens for food preparation purposes
• Order out of stock or nearly finished deli items
• Ensure that equipment and utensils are clean and maintained at all times
• Stock and rotate deli items appropriately
• Discard near expiry or expired items as per the policy of the company
• Handle cleaning activities to ensure that the deli counter is clean at all times
• Make sure that the deli case is restocked with fresh food items
• Prepare prepackaged deli items, pack them and label them appropriately
• Ensure that price tags on all deli items are accurate and updated
• Cut, slice and weigh deli items such as meats and cheeses
• Provide customers with information regarding each type of deli product
• Refill condiments and utensils with salt, sugar, creamers or napkins
• Prepare ingredients such as vegetables and meats for sandwiches and salads
• Prepare soups and bread according to predefined recipes
• Clean food preparation and order areas
• Bus tables and ensure that all condiments are present at each table