Service Deli Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on: February 3, 2022

Working in delis, service deli clerks are responsible for many customer service tasks including interacting with customers to determine their purchase needs and fulfill their orders timely.

They wait on customers, greet them, take their orders, and even prepare food according to customers’ instructions.

On a typical workday, a service deli clerk cuts meat and cheese per customers’ specifications and packs their orders.

Depending on their work settings, they will be responsible for preparing food and serving it as well.

Service deli clerks are explicitly trained in handling and operating food service and preparation equipment such as fryers and ovens.

They are also responsible for preparing party platters for special orders.

The minimum education requirement for the position of a service deli clerk is a high school diploma or a GED.

Since deli clerks are in direct and constant contact with customers, they are expected to possess a clean, neat, and professional demeanor which should be under the company’s dress code.

Service deli clerks do not only prepare and serve deli items. They are also responsible for many other tasks around the deli. Let us look at what some of these duties are:

Service Deli Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they approach the deli counter.
• Ask for specific orders and punch in the orders in the database or cash register.
• Prepare deli food items according to customers’ instructions.
• Perform cutting and slicing activities.
• Package food as per customers’ instructions.
• Prepare food platters and plates for large deli orders.
• Make a variety of sandwiches and salads using meats and cheeses.
• Package and weigh pre-packaged items for the customers.
• Cook and prepare food items before the deli opens for customers.
• Assist in unloading deli merchandise.
• Check received deli products for accuracy and freshness.
• Check product cartons for quantity and condition.
• Maintain inventory of stored deli items.
• Ensure the appropriate rotation of deli items in storage.
• Open cartons and display items appropriately.
• Manage pricing duties.
• Maintain appropriate knowledge of Deli recipes and pre-packaged food items.
• Maintain back-stock areas appropriately.
• Catalog invoices following the company’s procedures and policies.
• Ensure that quality standards are being met.
• Clean and maintain counters and work areas.
• Wash utensils and clean and service equipment.
• Change oil in fryers on a constant basis and clean grease traps.
• Ensure that disposable nets, gloves, and sanitary supplies are in stock at all times.
• Ring up orders on the cash register.
• Accept payment in exchange for deli items sold.