Walmart Stocker Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: March 6, 2024

Walmart Stocker Job Description

Working as a Walmart stocker requires individuals to handle backend stocking duties, involving moderate to heavy physical labor.

While no previous experience is necessary, stockers need to be physically agile and capable of lifting 50lbs multiple times a day. Candidates as young as 16 years old can be hired for this job, as it carries significant responsibility.

Stocker responsibilities include receiving and unloading deliveries, stocking shelves, maintaining inventory, and creating stocking reports. Additionally, stockers may be tasked with setting up displays, ensuring accurate pricing, and providing occasional customer assistance.

Operational knowledge of machinery like forklifts is beneficial, and stockers may work morning or night shifts in both part-time and full-time capacities. Strong organization, time management, and the ability to follow instructions accurately are essential for success in this role.

Walmart Stocker Duties and Responsibilities

- Receive deliveries and verify that items match the corresponding work orders.

- Unload merchandise from delivery trucks and inspect packages to ensure the correct quantity and quality.

- Stock store shelves with merchandise, ensuring proper labeling and visibility of product labels.

- Verify received merchandise against invoices to guarantee accuracy of shipments.

- Unpack and prepare items for display at the front of the store.

- Maintain cleanliness and aesthetic display of merchandise on shelves and in display cases.

- Conduct inventory counts and note when additional items need to be ordered.

- Arrange advertising displays and ensure accurate pricing information on products.

- Requisition merchandise from suppliers based on available space and customer demand.

- Affix sale price tags to items and update pricing information as necessary.

- Provide support for sales associates by assisting customers with product selection and purchases.

- Aid customers with payment processes and offer assistance with carrying purchases to their vehicles.

- Generate backend stocking reports and submit requests for additional merchandise.

- Collaborate with team members to ensure efficient stocking and organizational processes.

- Operate machinery such as forklifts to facilitate stocking activities, when required.

- Follow safety protocols and guidelines when handling and stocking merchandise.

- Communicate effectively with supervisors and team members regarding stocking needs and inventory status.

- Adhere to company policies and procedures related to stocking and inventory management.

- Assist in resolving any stocking-related issues or discrepancies as they arise.

- Keep abreast of product knowledge and any updates regarding stocking procedures and guidelines.

Walmart Stocker Position Requirements

To excel as a Walmart stocker, individuals must meet the following requirements:

1. Physical Dexterity:

Able to engage in moderate to heavy physical labor, including lifting items weighing up to 50lbs multiple times a day.

2. Age:

Candidates as young as 16 years old can be hired for this position, demonstrating that it carries significant responsibility.

3. Operational Knowledge:

Familiarity with machinery such as forklifts is advantageous for this role.

4. Availability:

Willingness to work morning or night shifts, in both part-time and full-time capacities.

5. Skills:

Strong organizational and time management abilities, coupled with the capacity to accurately follow instructions, are crucial for success.

Final Thought

Enhance your understanding of the vital responsibilities and duties of a Walmart stocker, empowering you to create an impactful and compelling resume. Master the essential skills and requirements to excel in this crucial role.


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