Resignation Letter Due to Relocation | Example

Updated on: July 6, 2021

Relocation is one of the most common reasons people resign from a job.

The reason could be anything – if you are relocating to another city or state, your resignation letter needs to state when you will be leaving your job.

Providing notice is important. Without it, you risk your reputation as a viable candidate for a subsequent job and you may not be given much thought when it is time for your job leaving letters comes near.

A resignation letter written for this purpose needs to state why you want to leave, where you will be relocating and how you intend to make sure that the company is not affected adversely. Always provide a notice period of your intention to leave – preferably according to the terms laid out in your employment letter.

Make sure that you have all your facts sorted before you begin writing. The tone of your resignation letter should be mild and the content should be informative. You should also ensure that the length of your resignation letter is kept at a minimum – too much content is off-putting whether it is a cover letter or a resignation letter.

Here is a sample resignation letter written by an employee who has to relocate:

Sample Resignation Letter Due to Relocation Example

Sarah Austin
965 West 5th Street
Ashland, KY 42151
(000) 326-8653
Sarah @ email . com

July 6, 2021

Mr. Leon Curtis
Sales Director
J & S Inc.
5232 33rd Street
Ashland, KY 55858

Dear Mr. Curtis:

Please accept my resignation from the position of Sales Manager for J & S Inc. effective July 20.

As I have mentioned earlier, I will be relocating to North Carolina soon and need to handle all the loose ends before I leave. I have already spoken to Ms. Natalie Cox (Human Resources Manager) who has been kind enough to agree to process my leaving documents as soon my resignation is approved by you. If there is anyone that you would like me to train in my place before I leave, please let me know so that I can plan the training promptly.

Over the years, my professional talents have extremely developed through your mentorship and guidance. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity that you have provided to me. I wish you and my coworkers the best in all future endeavors.

Best Regards,

Sarah Austin
Manager Sales
J & S Inc.