Since there is no professional experience to relate, your focus must be on employer specified skills that you developed during your relevant studies and internship. It is recommended to use bullets in the main body of your letter to highlight your key skills and make the letter easier to comprehend.

The overall length of the letter must be kept short, since most potential employers do not have the time to read through irrelevant details. Introduction in a research assistant cover letter is of utmost importance. Always begin such a letter by introducing yourself and your field of study.


Research Assistant Cover Letter No Experience


Olivia Newton

olivia . newton @ email . com
712 Glittery Lane, Boston, MA 73201
Cellular: (003) 555-7777 | Home: (004) 444-6666

February 8, 2014

Mr. Gregory Smith
Head: Department of Social Sciences
University of Boston
922 Heathery Ave
Boston, MA 73201


Dear Mr. Smith:

I was excited to see the job posting for a Research Assistant advertised at the university’s bulletin board. I am currently pursuing a degree in Social Psychology at the University of Boston. With my relevant education and aptitude for research involving human subjects, I would be able to assist you effectively in your research work.

In addition to my academic credentials, following are some of the competencies I offer in capacity of a research assistant:

• Well versed in obtaining informed consent from human subjects for research purposes.
• In depth knowledge regarding subject confidentiality protocols in observational and experimental research.
• Adept at drawing appropriate samples from varied populations, using probability and non probability techniques.
• Adept at conducting extensive literature reviews using department and digital libraries of journals.
• Efficient in running hypothesis tests and statistical analysis manually as well as via SPSS software.
• Trained in psychometrics, able to determine various questionnaires’ validity and reliability.
• Excellent communication and interactive skills with the ability to build rapport effectively and clearly explain purpose of research to confederates and subjects.

The enclosed resume contains detail of my relevant qualifications and training for your review. I shall be in contact next week to pursue this application further. Meanwhile, if you require any information, give me a call at (003) 555-7777.

I look forward to discussing your Research Assistant position, and thank you for your consideration.


Olivia Newton