Entry Level Research Assistant Cover Letter No Experience – 2 Samples

Updated: March 8, 2023

Writing a winning cover letter for an entry-level research assistant is a bit tricky.

Since you have no professional experience in hand, focus on the skills that you developed through education and internships.

It is recommended to use bullet points in the main body of your letter to highlight your key skills and make the letter easier to comprehend.

Keep your letter short and to the point, because employers do not have time to see irrelevant details.

Study the examples below to get ideas.

Entry-Level Research Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

Elyssa Magwitch
(000) 554-7901
[email protected]

March 8, 2023

Mr. Stephan Grinder
Human Resources Manager
Ohio State University
929 Deadwood Tree Road
Dayton, OH 34934

Dear Mr. Grinder:

As an enthusiastic biology graduate, with a strong desire to learn and contribute, I am writing to apply for a Research Assistant position at Ohio State University. I am confident that I will be able to bring positive change, and outperform in this role.

My academic background focuses mostly on research work performed especially in the biology field. I have successfully applied research skills to help a professor with his paper (in a volunteer capacity). In addition, I have some knowledge of preparing materials for submission to funding foundations, which I am sure will come in handy. Also, I am well-versed in conducting focused research and summarizing findings.

The following are some highlights of my skills:

  • Collecting and analyzing data from different sources
  • Preparing interview questions and conducting literature reviews
  • Providing ready access to all data for the faculty researcher or supervisor
  • Assisting with academic research and editing and preparing manuscripts

Furthermore, I am a well-organized and reliable individual who can work well in a team environment, as well as individually. Recently, I was asked to help with monitoring a research project by a friend, a feat in that I was most successful.

I would be grateful for an opportunity to meet with you in person to further discuss my qualifications for this position. Please let me know if I can provide you with further information to augment my suitability claims.

Thank you for taking out the time to go through my job application.


Elyssa Magwitch

Research Assistant No Experience Cover Letter Sample 2

Olivia Newton
olivia . newton @ email . com
Boston, MA
(000) 852-9565

March 8, 2023

Mr. Gregory Smith
Head: Department of Social Sciences
University of Boston
922 Heathery Ave
Boston, MA 73201

Dear Mr. Smith:

I was excited to see the job posting for a Research Assistant in the Department of Social Sciences at the University of Boston. With my relevant education and aptitude for research involving human subjects, I am eager to assist effectively in research work.

I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology from the University of Boston. Besides my academic credentials, the following are some of the competencies I offer in the capacity of a research assistant:

  • Well-versed in obtaining informed consent from human subjects for research purposes.
  • Adept at drawing appropriate samples from varied populations, using probability and nonprobability techniques.
  • Adept at conducting extensive literature reviews using department and digital libraries of journals.
  • In-depth knowledge of subject confidentiality protocols in observational and experimental research.

Besides that, I offer excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to clearly explain the purpose of research to confederates and subjects.

The attached resume details my relevant qualifications and training. I will contact your office next week to follow up on this application. Meanwhile, if you require any information, please call me at (000) 325-2521.

I look forward to discussing your Research Assistant position and thank you for your consideration.


(Sign Here)
Olivia Newton

How to Write a Research Assistant Cover Letter With No Experience?

Research assistants are important people, hired to help professors and other professionals in performing research.

Even if you have no prior experience in hand, you can still apply for the job, provided that you are skilled in handling research work.

First things first – you will need to write a cover letter to apply for a research assistant position.

If you have done research on your own time or volunteered your services before, do mention it in your cover letter.

Primarily, the cover letter should include your ability to find resources and obtain information from them.

Data integrity is very important when working as a research assistant, which is why you will need to show that you are a diligent and hardworking individual.

Make your research assistant’s cover letter as informative as possible by adding keywords from the advertisement.

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