Entry Level Research Analyst Resume No Experience

Updated on July 10, 2015

Research analysts interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations based upon their findings. Let us see what resume requirements these people have.

To create a resume for an entry level research analyst position, you will have to identify your skills first. What did you learn in college that will help you with your research analysis? What have you done to make sure that you build up on what you have learnt? Whatever it is that you have learnt is what needs to go into your resume.

Since you do not have experience to help you catch the employer’s eye, it is the best practice to focus on what you do have and that are academic qualifications and skills. Use both to sell yourself to the company that you want to work for. Your resume should look something like this:


Entry Level Research Analyst Resume


Gordon Myth

102 Pueblo Drive ● Los Alamos, NM 43391 ● (000) 999-9999 ● myth.gordon @ email . com


PROFILE: Energetic graduate with deep knowledge of formulating research analysis plans and conducting in-depth data analysis activities. Eager to employ expertise in handling targeted market researches with data integrity as the key operative.

• Demonstrated knowledge of using unique techniques such as surveys and focus groups to assist companies in marketing their products more effectively
• Well-versed in predicting future sales through effective research analysis
• Specialized courses in analyzing and synthesizing research findings to develop valuable insights


• Primary Research• Reports Generation• Strategic Planning
• Statistical Analysis• Data Integrity• Actionable Recommendations
• Research Methodologies• Logical Targets• Buying Habits


North Minnesota Business School, Los Alamos, NM – 2014
Bachelor of Science in Statistics


Intern – Market Research | Ipsos, Los Alamos, NM | 6/2014 to 12/2014

• Communicated with clients to understand and document their business objectives
• Assisted in formulating market research analysis plans and conducting in-depth data investigations
• Determined who will buy products and what prices are suitable for a product
• Provided input on pricing strategies and methods of marketing products
• Conducted surveys and devised focus group discussions and handled mail responses
• Indulged in activities to increase public demand for product lines
• Helped in developing advertising and promotional materials