Entry Level Marketing Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: July 22, 2019

Looking good at first light is very crucial when one is applying for a marketing assistant position.

Although all fields in the job market are saturated these days marketing is one field that is definitely oversaturated.


Marketing candidates face higher competition thus they require better and more impressive cover letters.

How to Write an Entry Level Marketing Assistant Cover Letter No Experience?

Here are some guiding principles that will come in handy as you write your entry-level marketing assistant cover letter.

• Open your letter with an exceptional phrase. Market your candidacy right from the beginning to reflect your marketing skills.

• Instill interest and energy in the writing. Show how keen you are to take up the position. Find out something about the employing firm and surprise them by addressing their unposted needs.

• Use the main body of the letter to showcase your potential. Above all, demonstrate your communication skills since the letter might be considered as a sample of the same.

• As you leave the employer, take charge of the wheel! Mention that you intend to follow up and pursue your application.

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Entry Level Marketing Assistant Cover Letter No Experience


Fiona Lee
75 Shire Lane, Houston, TX 78222
(005) 333-1111
fiona @ email . com

July 22, 2019

Mr. Derek Kidman
HR In Charge
In Bloom Flowers
821 Fairley Sq
Houston, TX 78222


Dear Mr. Kidman:

– Are you tired of seeing your profit graphs go straight-lined?
– Do you need assistance in marketing your brand?
– Could you use the services of a passionate fresh marketing graduate in the capacity of a marketing assistant?

If so, then we have a good reason to meet. 

Having completed my BBA with a marketing major, I offer In Bloom Flowers exotic marketing assistant services. Some highlights of my profile follow for your consideration.

• Excellent computer skills with complete expertise in MS Office suite and photoshop
• Familiar with brand projection, business analysis, and competitive market research
• Adept at assisting in the implementation of planned marketing projects and designs
• Skilled in review and verification of volume forecasts and new product launch campaigns
• Able to develop print/ electronic promotional material designed to meet the given marketing goals

I am very excited to meet with you and your marketing team in order to elaborate on how I can contribute to the effective marketing of your multiple brands. Call me now at (009) 333-4444 to set up an interview and fasten your seatbelt since by hiring me, In Bloom Flowers will be up for high power, productive marketing ride!

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Fiona Lee

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