Entry Level Research Analyst Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on October 2, 2018

Gone are the days when dull and mundane cover letters were appreciated – they are not even “considered” now. Life runs in the fast lane nowadays, and no one has the time or patience to do or read things that will not give them something to think about. Conventional cover letters have nothing new to say. A professional treat is what an employer looks for when he picks up a cover letter.

As an entry level candidate for a research analyst position, you should be able to communicate in a manner that changes everything for the reader. Something that makes him go into a stupor of professional bliss that spells – I WANT THIS MAN! And that is not as impossible as it seems. If you can bring yourself to think out of the box when writing a cover letter, you can go places you have never dreamt of. Just make sure that you leave old-school messages behind yesterday’s hills.

Think criterion – what is the criterion of your communication with a prospective employer through a cover letter? Maximum message readability. And this can only be achieved if your cover letter writing ideas are innovative and your content is something that has never been read before! Since you cannot just tell the employer “Hey! Read this!” you have to write something that suggests the same without actually saying so.

The cover letter sample given below is that of a research analyst applying for an entry-level position:


Entry Level Research Analyst Cover Letter No Experience


Megan Ricard

124 Eighth Street | Los Alamos, NM 93652 | (000) 124-3655 | Megan @ email . com

October 2, 2018

Julius Russell
Manager Human Resources
63 Walnut Road
Los Alamos, NM 90127


Dear Mr. Russell:

I am a recent graduate of North Minnesota State University and having majored in Market Research. I believe that I have both current knowledge of carrying out research analysis and communicating effectively with clients to determine business objectives.

In my attached resume, you will see a match between your requirements and my qualifications:

● Track record of communicating with clients to understand and determine individual objectives.

● Familiar with designing surveys and questionnaires to ensure data integrity.

● Qualified to perform market research and analyze collected data by following both traditional and advanced methodologies.

From what I know about IPREO, the company encourages an atmosphere of challenge and excitement which is a perfect combination for me to thrive in – with the aim of providing you with exceptional research analysis services. I will follow up with your office next week to discuss the interviewing process and can be reached at (000) 124-3655.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



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Megan Ricard

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