Program Assistant Job Description and Duties

Updated February 8, 2021
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Program assistants are usually employed by non-profit organizations, educational institutes, and private companies where they provide support to a specific program.

Eventually, program assistants endeavor to be promoted as program a manager which is why they need to make sure that they possess a deep understanding of how a program is handled.

The work of program assistants includes a significant amount of administrative work. They handle the smallest of details to ensure that a program reaches fruition in a time-efficient manner.

Apart from coordinating events and conferences, they provide research support by looking for funding sources and preparing grants. As part of their administrative support duties, program assistants maintain databases, manage minutes of the meeting, and handle staff calendars.

Many employers prefer that the people who they hire as program assistants have a bachelor’s degree in business education. Their research skills need to be above par and they also need to be able to handle writing tasks effectively. Some more specifics of a program assistant’s job include the following:

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Program Assistant Duties & Responsibilities

• Develop program participants by identifying roles appropriately
• Handle participant interviewing and hiring activities
• Provide support to program initiation and implementation
• Assist participants by interpreting policies and identifying methodologies
• Assist in developing materials and resources to assist a program’s success
• Undertake and carry out research activities
• Plan and coordinate meetings and conferences
• Maintain program participant files and track participant status
• Provide support to data recordkeeping activities
• Prepare documents and supplementary materials
• Handle staff and funding calendars
• Develop and distribute individual and team-based work plans
• Assist program managers in training program participants
• Record and maintain feedback and evaluation of training endeavors
• Coordinate translation and proofreading of program documents
• Take and record minutes of meetings
• Process calls for proposals and prepares and format presentations
• Handle travel arrangements for staff in support of designated programs
• Handle logistics for project-related events
• Develop and maintain efficient filing systems
• Maintain response tracking systems
• Assist with social media presence of designated programs
• Monitor team functioning activities to ensure high productivity
• Communicate program objectives and outcomes to participants
• Handle grants acquisition and proposal preparation
• Act as media face for program marketing purposes
• Maintain and update mailing lists and assist in updating the company’s website for project development purposes
• Assist in the orientation of new staff by providing necessary information and materials