Entry Level Program Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: December 12, 2020
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A program assistant applying for a first job must ensure that his or her cover letter speaks volumes for their ability to handle administrative and research tasks associated with the work.

In your cover letter, it is essential to highlight not one, but many reasons why you feel that you are the best person to hire.

It does not matter if you are applying for a job for the very first time – if you have the skills to do the work, you will be considered.

However, it is imperative to write a cover letter in a way that is attractive to the hiring manager.

This way, the hiring manager will know what you are capable of, and it will make it easy for him to make the hiring decision.

Specifically, your cover letter should highlight what your skills are in terms of providing support to projects, and modules.

Here is a cover letter sample that does this:

Program Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Bruce Fulton
(000) 183-0099
[email protected]

December 12, 2020

Mr. Sebastian Cooper
Human Resources Manager
4852 Cater Avenue SE
Gillette, WY 63890

Dear Mr. Cooper:

As a recent graduate from Wyoming State University, I am interested in working as a program assistant at Minooka, a company that I have held in high esteem for quite a long time. I am sure that once you have been through the attached resume, you will also agree that I am the right person for the job.

In January 2019, I obtained an internship in a similar capacity, which made it easy for me to understand the specifics of the work. At this point in time, I can effectively manage administrative duties, and program support. I am particularly skilled in performing groundwork for assigned project modules, and can effectively review and finalize MOUs.

Moreover, I am well-versed in relaying client concerns to staff members, and can also provide suggestions for improvement. As a thorough individual, I leave no stone unturned to ensure that programs meet their targeted timelines in an effective manner. Also, I am proficient in creating records of information in both papers, and electronic forms.

It is best if we meet up in person so that I can further elaborate on my skills as a program assistant. I will contact your assistant next week in order to set up a time. Until then, you may reach me at (000) 183-0099.

Thank you for considering my credentials for Program Assistant job at Minooka.


Bruce Fulton

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