List of Skills for Shop Assistant Resume

Updated on: March 18, 2022

A shop assistant resume skills section provides information that a hiring manager is looking for precisely.

While many would argue that hiring managers concentrate on experience more than anything else, they actually place a lot of emphasis on skills.

In their eyes, the experience is something that you have acquired in your professional life, while skills are what helped you acquire that experience.

So technically, it is the skills that will take you another step forward.

Skills cannot be written in any way one chooses to write them.

There is a certain manner that which they need to be worded/phrased. You have to make sure that you do not put in information that may be considered “fluff”.

Fluff is information that you put in to fill space – not done!

Instead of struggling to find words and phrases to write, think of what your skills are, and how they relate to the position for which you are applying.

Even better, go through the advertisement posted by the employer to obtain information regarding what he or she needs in an individual.

Remember that a match between what you have to offer and what the hiring manager needs should become a skills statement.

To see sample skills statements for a shop assistant resume, study the following list:

Shop Assistant Skills for Resume

• Proficient in providing tier 1 services to customers, by greeting them in a pleasant manner, and inquiring into their purpose of visit.
• Adept at assisting customers to locate their choice of products, and convince them to buy them through the implementation of sales pitches.
• Highly experienced in informing customers about current deals and discounts, in a bid to increase sales opportunities.
• Deeply familiar with demonstrating product features, aimed at helping customers in making informed purchasing decisions.
• Ability to perform routine pricing audits to check for price changes.
• Highly skilled in arranging orders and deliveries of stock, to be placed at the frontend.
• Well-versed in advising customers about their purchases, including warranty information, and self-care.
• Proficient in leading customers through the payment process, ensuring that it is managed in a smooth and efficient manner.
• Effectively able to conduct in-store promotions, in coordination with sales and marketing staff members.
• Adept at stocking shelves, by strictly following the 4 Ps of marketing, and specific instructions of the manager.
• Competent at handling returns and exchanges, in accordance with the store’s policies and procedures.