Barber Shop Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 21, 2018

For hiring managers, cover letters are a dime a dozen. Unless they come across one that really tickles their fancy. Remember that a cover letter has a certain purpose, which if lost, can be quite a bad thing for the person who has written it. Cover letters are not something that you can take lightly. If you want to make a mark through a cover letter, it is imperative that you understand what it is supposed to contain.

Barber Shop Assistant Cover Letters can be written in many ways. But your way will always be the best. If you know what it is that you want to say, there is nothing that can break your chances of being considered for a position. What you say in a cover letter decides how a hiring manager with perceive you. Placing a good impression is vital at this point. Here is how you can do this:


Barber Shop Assistant Cover Letter Example


September 21, 2018

Mr. Henry Logan
Human Resource Manager
Great Clips
98 Stone Road
Volcano, HI28933


Dear Mr. Logan:

Regarding the Barber Shop Assistant position currently advertised on, please find attached a copy of my resume for your consideration.

I began working as an apprentice in a barber shop 3 years ago and quickly made my way up to the position of a barber assistant. Since then, I have been diligently providing assistance to barbers to ensure that their interactions with customers are positive ones. Further details on my experience in this regard are provided in the enclosed resume.

While working as a barber assistant, my main focus has always been on providing quality services to customers, ensuring that they convert into repeat business opportunities. Ensuring that the work table is properly instrumented and that consistent and constant support is provided to the barber to deliver exceptional services, is what I focus on the most.

I am well-versed in handling first contact services, aimed at providing customers with insight into the service, and convincing them to try them out. My comprehension of providing assistance in performing haircuts and hairstyling activities is profound, and I make sure that I provide customers with the right type of advice to suit their face types and structures. Also, I possess demonstrated expertise in handling the administrative and front desk work of a busy barbershop.

I look forward to meeting with you in person to provide you with a wider overview of my capabilities. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Gregory Miller

Attached: (Resume)