Flagger Resume Objectives Examples

Updated September 11, 2018

Many people argue but the resume objective really is very important. When you write a resume, it should begin with an objective outlining why you have applied for the position, and what makes you worth the hiring manager’s time.

Resumes that do not host objectives are often considered incomplete. You have to make a conscious effort to convince a hiring manager that you are worth his or her time, which is why it is important to open your resume in a professional manner – through the resume objective.

A flagger resume objective is typically a short snippet of what you are capable of doing once you are hired. Be sure not to put in too much information, as you do not want to provide all the details, and bore the reader immediately. An objective needs to contain just enough information to intrigue the hiring manager into reading the rest of the resume. He or she needs to have a reason to keep reading an otherwise not very interesting document. Face it – resumes are not the best piece of literature out there, and it takes a lot for an individual to go through it and acquire an interest. So make sure that you create one that is excellently worded and one which a hiring manager wants to read.

What follow are some examples of resume objectives for a flagger position:

Flagger Resume Objectives Examples

• Top-performing Flagger with 3+ years’ successful track record in handling traffic control duties at construction sites. Wishing to leverage my expertise to fill the position of Flagger at your company. Ability to ensure the safety of workers and drivers by placing and erecting signs and boards of warning about construction work.

• Dedicated flagger interested in pursuing a position that allows me to use my skills in using hand gestures to direct traffic to alternate routes and diversions, along with effectively barricading areas that may be dangerous to tread on.

• To obtain a position as a Flagger utilizing exceptionally well-placed proficiencies in directing drivers around construction sites, placing traffic cones and barricades in appropriate areas, and performing traffic control activities to facilitate drivers.

• Looking for a Flagger position at Green Mountain Inc. Offers excellent adeptness at flagging construction sites to ensure that traffic is properly controlled and diverted. Expert in assisting in basic road repair and maintenance tasks.

• To work as a Flagger at JMH Companies, using exceptionally well-placed skills in handling flagging activities in a construction worksite capacity. Ability to determine the right spots to place signboards, and traffic cones, aiming to direct and divert traffic appropriately.