Shop Assistant Cover Letter – No Experience

Updated on: April 12, 2022

A shop assistant performs a vital role in the retail/wholesale environment where this person is responsible for managing many aspects of the shop.

A shop assistant will work to fulfill a shop’s sales goals by providing excellent customer service and ensuring that all operational needs are met.

Shop assistants are required to be go-getters as they are often the first point of contact and sometimes the only contact in a retail environment.

While many employers insist on hiring experienced shop assistants, some do provide entry-level candidates with an opportunity to work at this position in the anticipation that those new to the trade will bring in fresh ideas.

The following cover letter caters to the need of a shop assistant who has no prior experience in the field. Have a look!

Entry Level Shop Assistant Cover Letter No Experience

Ashton Halliwell
12 Cedar View Drive
Lonedell, MO 46455
(000) 888-8888

March 12, 2022

Mr. Collin Judd
635 Stream Valley Ct
Lonedell, MO 83933

Dear Mr. Judd:

From the time I started studying retail management in business school, I was tempted to learn and apply my skills in this environment. I have been passionate about how the retail world moves and take this opportunity to apply for the position of a Shop Assistant at K-Mart.

Working my way through business education, the last two years have decided my vocation for life. As a highly organized individual with a solid understanding of managing stores in a highly organized manner – especially providing assistance to the shop manager – I am very confident of my ability to work extremely well for K-Mart.

I am able to employ bookkeeping skills in a retail environment in order to orchestrate accounting functions. With some knowledge of marketing and promotional activities, I know how to strategize plans for recurring business and positive customer feedback.

I believe that my qualifications will be of great value to K-Mart and welcome the opportunity to meet you in person. I can be contacted at (000) 888-8888 if you require information from me that you do not find in the enclosed resume.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ashton Halliwell