Airline Customer Service Agent Skills for Resume

Updated September 5, 2022
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The skills set that you possess to make your resume (and cover letter) a more profound read, than when you write them without skills. Every employer wants to know what you are capable of before you are hired.

If you want an employer to be impressed with your candidature beforehand, make sure that you provide him or her with a written list of skills that you possess, as they relate to the job for which you have applied.

How you measure up to the expectations of a hiring manager is what he or she wants to know mainly. Relevance counts for much here.

If you have a specific skill set, but it does not apply to the way a hiring manager wants you to work, you might as well not have any skills as far as the employer is concerned. But if you provide him or her with a list of skills that is exactly or almost precisely what the requirements are, you have a great chance of being selected for the job.

Remember that it is not only your experience that will get you the job. How well you can do the task that will eventually be entrusted to you also matters.

For every position, the skill set will be different. For the position of an airline customer service agent, here is a list of skills that can be placed on a resume:

Sample Skills for Airline Customer Service Agent Resume

• Proven record of pleasantly greeting customers as they arrive at the counter and providing them with the required information.

• Highly experienced inquiring into their specific seating preferences and ensuring that they are provided the right seats.

• Deep insight into handling label/tag issuing activities, placing special focus on ensuring that information on them corresponds with their tickets

• Skilled in managing baggage weighing operations by efficiently and safely putting bags on weighing machines and accurately noting weights.

• Hands-on experience in verifying ticket information with passengers’ identification and issuing corresponding boarding passes.

• Deeply familiar with providing additional and well-placed support to first-time travelers by efficiently leading them through immigration and customs departments and procedures.

• Effectively able to determine requirements for special needs passengers, elderly passengers, and children, and provide them with extra care and guidance.

• Well-versed in handling both cash and credit card transactions to process payments for tickets and extra baggage.

• Demonstrated ability to handle customers’ complaints to ensure their satisfaction and repeat business opportunities.

• Competent in handling reservations over the telephone and in person, along with ensuring that customers’ / passengers’ records are maintained confidentially.