6 Auto Detailer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 8, 2021

Appearing in an auto detailer interview for which you have completely prepared, must be a great feeling!

So you know the company and you are aware of the body language that you have to display.

But did you practice the actual questions that you will be asked? No? If not, it is time to do that now!

Here is a set of interview questions for an auto detailer position.

6 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Auto Detailer Position

1. What particular skills do you possess that qualify you to work as an auto detailer at our company?

I am extremely methodical and detail-oriented. This coupled with the fact that I have an inherent love for automobiles, makes it easy for me to handle even the most complex of detailing projects.

2. What is the first thing that you do when you are asked to detail an automobile?

My first instinct is to inspect the vehicle thoroughly and create an initial report. This makes it easy for me to determine what tools and supplies I’ll need and how much time the process will take.

3. Have you ever come across an incident where your initial report helped save the day?

Several times. There was one incident when the car I had detailed returned and the customer demanded that I return her ring which she had accidentally dropped in the car before she handed it to me. I explained that there wasn’t anything of the sort while I was performing the detailing work. However, she kept insisting so I showed her the inspection video in which she had handed over the car keys while still wearing her ring! It turned out that she had accidentally dropped it in her friend’s car when she went with her after dropping her own car off!

4. What is your particular method when detailing a vehicle?

After the initial inspection, I clean the car from the outside first by performing washing duties. I then let it dry while I do the interior and then come back to buffing and polishing the exterior.

5. Why this particular order of things?

This order saves time as it is quite methodical. While the exterior is in the drying process, the interior is completed. And then the finishing touches on the exterior. And then coming back to the interior for polishing the panels and doors. Works wonderfully!

6. What has been your biggest job so far?

I was once asked to detail an entire fleet of limousines – 10 cars. And that too in 12 hours. Since we were running short of auto detailers because of the Christmas holidays, I was the only one who could do it, as others already had their jobs assigned to them. I managed to do all of them within the specified time! This was probably my biggest success.