Reservation Agent Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: January 15, 2023

Reservation agents are customer service professionals who receive incoming calls from either existing, potential, or new customers.

They provide them with information regarding reservation logistics in a hotel, a flight, or car rentals depending on which area they are working in.

Reservation agents typically spend their day taking phone calls or servicing walk-in customers.

They offer them timings, availability, cost, and logistics that go hand in hand with any reservation procedure.

The following is a sample entry-level Reservation Agent Cover Letter with no experience in hand.

Cover Letter for Entry-Level Reservation Agent With No Experience

8922 Lake Bend Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 89999
(000) 527-2010

January 15, 2023

Ms. Caroline Wayne
Manager Human Resources
400 College Road
Tuscaloosa, AL 89333

Dear Ms. Wayne:

I am passionately writing this letter to apply for a Reservation Agent position at Hyatt. Living the Values, Quality, Productivity, and Teamwork – these are the key attributes I am eager to bring. After my graduation, I am planning to pursue a career in the hospitality industry as I believe that this just may be what my vocation is.

I am a hardworking individual who has excellent communication and customer service skills and feels confident that your organization can be benefited from my fresh and unique working style.

I have always been commended for my great talent and attention to detail which is the primary reason that I decided to choose a career path that requires vocal promise. Last summer, I worked at the front desk of Viceroy Hotels for three months where I gained familiarity entire reservation process. I know just the right protocols to follow when answering telephones. Moreover, I know the importance of running a smooth organization and can manage conflict with precision and absolute discretion.

I have attached my resume with this letter for your perusal, and anticipate a meeting with you so I can portray my skills and suitability in a better manner. I am available for an immediate interview and look forward to seeing you in person soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


(Sign here)
Jemima Lola