Au Pair Reference and Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: February 12, 2024
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A Guide to Crafting an Au Pair Reference Letter

If you’ve had the pleasure of working with an outstanding au pair and you want to help them advance in their career, writing a reference or recommendation letter is a powerful way to support them.

On this page, we’ll show you an example of a heartfelt reference letter for an au pair, who has made a significant impact on a family’s life. This sample letter illustrates how to communicate an au pair’s contributions, skills, and the positive effect they’ve had on your household.

Whether you’re experienced in writing reference letters or this is your first time, this example will provide a clear template for what to include in a sincere recommendation for the host family.

Au Pair Reference Letter Example

February 12, 2024

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Sara Torres for the position of Au Pair. Sara has been the cornerstone of domestic harmony in our home for the past two years, providing excellent care to our children and diligently attending to household tasks.

Sara’s dedication to our children’s development has been remarkable. She skillfully managed their schedules, ensured they were engaged in educational activities, and frequently took the initiative to develop stimulating and fun learning environments. Her proficiency in both English and Spanish has enabled our two children to excel in their language classes at school, providing them with a valuable head start in language acquisition.

Beyond child care, Sara has displayed great responsibility in light household chores and meal preparation, displaying a diverse culinary talent that includes healthy and delicious meals appreciated by the entire family. Her ability to maintain a clean and organized living space has brought peace and structure to our busy lives.

Importantly, Sara’s kind character and ethical approach to his duties have made her a trusted member of our household. It is with a heavy heart that we bid her farewell due to our family’s relocation abroad, but we are confident that her future family will benefit immensely from her contributions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information or have any questions regarding Sara’s qualifications and character. I am convinced that you will find her as invaluable as we have.

Warmest regards,

Jonathan Smith
(000) 222-3201
Email: [email protected]

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How to Write a Professional Reference or Recommendation Letter for an Au Pair?

When writing a professional reference or recommendation letter for an au pair, it is crucial to cover several aspects that highlight the individual’s abilities, temperament, and impact on your family’s life. A well-crafted letter should be personal, informative, and ultimately demonstrate the au pair’s suitability for the job. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you write a convincing and supportive reference letter.

1. Start with a Formal Greeting

Begin with a formal salutation such as “To Whom It May Concern” if you do not know the name of the prospective employer or “Dear [Employer’s Name]” if known.

2. Introduction

  • Your relationship to the au pair: State how you know the au pair and the duration of employment.
  • Purpose of the letter: Clearly state that the purpose of the letter is to provide a reference or recommendation.

3. Body of the Letter

  • Au pair’s responsibilities: Describe what duties they were responsible for in your household.
  • Skills and contributions: Mention specific skills the au pair possesses, such as languages spoken, ability to tutor children, or any other relevant competencies.
  • Examples of positive impact: Provide anecdotes or examples demonstrating how the au pair positively affected your family’s life.
  • Character and personality: Discuss the au pair’s personal qualities, work ethic, and behavior with the family, especially the children.

4. Conclusion

  • Endorsement: Reiterate your strong endorsement of the au pair for future employment.
  • Open invitation for further contact: Offer to provide additional information if needed, and include your contact details.

5. Closing

End your letter with a formal sign-off such as “Warmest regards” or “Sincerely,” followed by your name, contact phone number, and email address.

6. Formatting Tips

  • Use a standard business letter format.
  • Keep the letter to one page.
  • Proofread for spelling, grammar, and clarity.
  • Use a professional font and size (such as Times New Roman 12 pt).
  • Print on high-quality paper if sending a physical letter.

By providing a warm, personal sentiment combined with factual observations and examples, you will present a strong case for your au pair and assist them in securing their next position.

Remember to be honest and detailed – your endorsement can significantly influence the employment opportunities of your au pair.

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