Entry Level Call Center Agent Resume No Experience (2 Samples)

Updated on: September 27, 2023

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on creating an exceptional entry-level call center agent resume, even if you have no prior experience in the field.

We understand that starting your career can be challenging, but don’t worry – we’re here to help you pave your way to success.

In this article, we provide two carefully crafted resume samples tailored specifically for individuals like you who are eager to break into the call center industry.

With our expert tips and insights, you’ll learn how to showcase your transferable skills, highlight your enthusiasm for customer service, and present yourself as a competitive candidate to potential employers.

So, let’s embark on this journey together and create a resume that will set you apart in the competitive job market.

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Call Center Agent Resume No Experience Sample 1

Bridget Jones
41 Victory Road 
Coventry, RI 70252
(000) 907-5417 
bridgejones @ email . com


I offer extreme passion and energy.

Self-motivated, enthusiastic, and hardworking call center agent with a solid passion for connecting with people in person and over the telephone. Highly efficient and energetic, eager to provide exceptional services to the callers and customers of ABC Company.


  1. Knowledge of handling inbound telephone calls and providing information to customers.
  2. Skilled in making outbound calls to provide potential customers about the company’s services and products.
  3. Adept at following communication scripts when handling customers’ problems and queries.
  4. Familiar with identifying customers’ needs and wants and providing alternative solutions to their problems.

• Needs Identification • Upselling
• Courtesy Calls • Relationship Building
• Order Processing • DND Lists
• Records Maintenance • Ticket Generation

High School Diploma
Coventry High School, Coventry, RI


Mind Bridges, Coventry, RI
5/2023 – 8/2023

  • Learned how to make outbound calls to existing and new customers to provide them with information on the company’s products and services.
  • Generated leads and provided detailed information about them to call center agents/sales agents to follow up on.
  • Compiled lists of existing customers who may be interested in upgrading their products and/or services.
  • Assisted call center agents in resolving issues by providing them with insight on resolutions.

English: Reading, Writing, and Speaking
Spanish: Full command of Verbal Spanish


  • CRM Software
  • MS Word and Excel

“I am enthusiastic to excel in the customer service field”

Superior references available on request

Entry Level Call Center Agent Resume Template 2

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[Your Phone Number]
[Your Email Address]

Hardworking and customer service-focused individual seeking an entry-level position as a Call Center Agent. Eager to utilize excellent communication and problem-solving skills to provide exceptional customer service and contribute to the success of the organization.

Associate’s Degree in Customer Service
ABC Technical College, Houston, TX


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Ability to effectively handle high-stress situations
  • Proficient in using customer management software and CRM systems
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task


Call Center Agent Intern
ABC Company, Houston, TX
Jan 2023 – Sep 2023

  • Handled inbound and outbound calls in a professional and courteous manner
  • Assisted customers with inquiries, complaints, and problem resolution
  • Entered accurate and detailed information into the customer management system
  • Collaborated with team members to meet and exceed performance targets

[List any relevant certifications or training]

Available upon request

How to Write a Great Entry-Level Call Center Agent Resume With No Experience?

Writing an effective entry-level call center agent resume can be challenging when you have no prior experience. However, with the right approach, you can still create a compelling resume that highlights your skills, attributes, and potential. Here are some tips to help you craft a great entry-level call center agent resume with no experience:

Objective Statement:
Begin your resume with a strong objective statement that showcases your enthusiasm and highlights your desire to excel in the customer service field. Emphasize your motivation, willingness to learn, and commitment to providing exceptional service.

Skills and Knowledge:
Create a dedicated section to highlight your core skills and knowledge. Focus on transferable skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, multitasking, and attention to detail. Mention any relevant coursework or training that demonstrates your understanding of customer service principles.

Include your educational background, starting with your highest level of education. If you have obtained a degree or completed relevant coursework, mention it along with the name of the institution, location, and graduation year. Highlight any relevant coursework or academic projects that demonstrate your proficiency in customer service or related areas.

Internship or Volunteer Experience:
Even without prior professional experience, you can showcase your skills through internships, volunteer work, or relevant extracurricular activities. Include any call center agent internships or volunteer positions you have had, focusing on the tasks you performed, such as handling phone calls, assisting customers, and entering data accurately.

Certificates and Training:
If you have obtained any certifications or completed relevant training programs, list them in a dedicated section. This can include certifications in customer service, communication skills, or any industry-specific training you have completed.

Computer Skills:
Mention any relevant computer skills that are valuable in a call center environment. This can include proficiency in customer relationship management (CRM) software, Microsoft Word, Excel, or any other software commonly used in call center operations.

Conclude your resume by stating that references are available upon request. This allows potential employers to know that you can provide references if needed.

Remember to customize your resume for each job application by highlighting the skills and qualifications that align with the specific job requirements. Proofread your resume carefully to ensure there are no spelling or grammar errors. With a well-crafted entry-level call center agent resume, you can make a positive impression on employers and showcase your potential for success in the customer service field.

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