Entry Level Call Center Agent Resume With No Experience

Updated on: July 2, 2020

No experience = no or little job opportunities – true or false?

Definitely false! Yes, the good news is that you do not always need to have prior experience to be considered an eligible candidate.

If this were so, no one without experience would be hired, and the world would soon run out of experienced people!

There are some job openings that are particular to new graduates only. In fact, there are many opportunities out there that one can bag even if one does not have experience in it.

So if you have just graduated from high school, or want a change in careers, all you need is a well-organized and written resume, and you can go places!

But if the experience is not a great friend, what does one write in a call center agent resume? First of all, there is no rule that says that a resume has to be full of information about past experiences.

A resume is a body of information that includes not just experience but call center skills, qualifications, accomplishments, and of course, education. Relying on experience only is not fair.

And here is a resume sample for a call center agent position with no prior experience in hand.

Call Center Agent Resume No Experience

Bridget Jones
41 Victory Road 
Coventry, RI 70252
(000) 907-5417 
bridgejones @ email . com


Bringing extreme passion and energy.

Self-motivated, enthusiastic, and hardworking, with skills in connecting with people in person and over the telephone. Highly efficient and energetic, with a special focus on providing customers with services, aimed at retaining their business.


  1. Proficient in handling inbound telephone calls by providing information to customers, according to established protocols.
  2. Skilled in making outbound calls to provide potential customers about the company’s services and products.
  3. Adept at following communication scripts when handling customers’ problems and queries.
  4. Familiar with identifying customers’ requirements and providing alternative solutions to their problems.

• Needs Identification • Upselling
• Courtesy Calls• Relationship Building
• Order Processing • DND Lists
• Records Maintenance • Ticket Generation

High School Diploma | 2020
Coventry High School, Coventry, RI


  • Made the Dean’s List 4 times in a row for being a model student in both academics and extracurricular activities.
  • Chosen to provide assistance with a huge school project, out of 58 other students, owing to an exceptional academic record.


Mind Bridges, Coventry, RI | 12/2019 – 3/2020

  • Made outbound calls to existing and new customers to provide them with information on the company’s products and services
  • Generated leads and provide detailed information of them to call center agents/sales agents to follow up on
  • Compiled lists of existing customers that may be interested in upgrading their products and/or services
  • Assisted call center agents in resolving issues by providing them with insight on resolutions

English: Reading, Writing, and Speaking
Spanish: Full command on Verbal Spanish


  • CRM Software
  • MS Word and Excel

“I am enthusiastic to excel in customer service field”

Superior references available on request

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