Outbound Call Center Agent Job Description for Resume

Updated June 20, 2017

Position Overview

Call centers are great places for entry level jobs, especially if your customer service and sales skills are excellent. An outbound call center is one in which agents are required to make calls to customers or prospective ones to provide them with product or service information, or to make sales. Call center agents working in an outbound capacity are required to possess great communication and listening skills, along with exceptional marketing abilities.

Qualifications & Skills

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a call center agent in an outbound capacity. If you have had some experience or exposure in a customer service environment, you may be considered a great choice to hire at this position. Exceptional knowledge of the Internet, strong communication skills, and the ability to handle problems in an analytic manner are just some of the skills that people aspiring to work at this position need. In addition to this, one needs to possess great energy and enthusiasm so that customer contact remains positive.

If you have had some experience in a sales capacity, you will be considered a great contender to hire as an outbound call center agent. Some of the main duties of an individual working at this position include:

Outbound Call Center Agent Job Description for Resume

• Make outbound calls to prospective and existing customer to provide them with information on new products, discounts and services

• Explain the merits of offered service or product to customer in a bid to help them make informed purchasing decisions

• Deliver prepared scripts regarding a service or product, building up on the information as the conversation progresses

• Ascertain that no customer on the DND (do not disturb) list is contacted, and update DND lists as required

• Respond to questions and concerns of customers over the telephone, according to established policies and procedures

• Complete records of telephonic conversations, ensuring their confidentiality and integrity

• Develop workable leads by documenting information about interested customers and forward them to the sales department

• Transfer interested customers to proper channels and services provided by the company and keep tabs on the proceedings

• Identify sales opportunities by gauging industry trends and analyzing and summarizing competitor information and strategies

• Develop sales opportunities by researching and developing potential accounts and soliciting new ones

• Generate revenues for the company by soliciting and obtaining orders and ensure that all customers’ accounts are developed according to company protocols

• Enter customer information into the company database and ensure that it is updated periodically

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