30 Call Center Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 8, 2023

If we talk about call center skills, there are a million and one that can be listed. But that would probably not be apt enough to be used in a resume.

Employers expect to see skills on resumes that are particular to a candidate’s possible position in the call center. And if an employer doesn’t see the relevance, he lets the resume be.

The main idea behind writing a resume is to make a point – and what better way to make your point than give an entire list of skills that will help the employer understand how well you can work? There is very little more that is better than this. So the first thing that you have to do is lay out your special skills.

  1. What have you accomplished?
  2. Can you work independently?
  3. Can you multitask?
  4. Are you organized?
  5. Do you have it in you to be able to work in a team environment? A
  6. Are you deadline oriented?

If the answer to all these is a resounding YES, you already have a skills roadmap charted out in your head. Great!

Let’s move on. Writing your skills in a resume is the tricky part.

  1. Where does it need to be added?
  2. How many skills statements should I write?
  3. What kind of words must I use?

When it comes to creating a strong call center resume, highlighting the right hard skills can make a significant difference.

Here are 30 hard skills that can help you stand out in the competitive call center industry:

30 Sample Skills for Call Center Resume

  1. Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  2. Strong phone etiquette and phone handling skills
  3. Proficiency in customer relationship management (CRM) software
  4. Multitasking and prioritization abilities
  5. Knowledge of call center operations and best practices
  6. Active listening skills to understand customer needs and concerns
  7. Problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  8. Experience with technical troubleshooting and issue resolution
  9. Proficient in data entry and typing speed
  10. Familiarity with call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  11. Time management and organizational skills
  12. Product knowledge and understanding of industry regulations
  13. Upselling and cross-selling techniques
  14. Conflict resolution and de-escalation skills
  15. Experience with using interactive voice response (IVR) systems
  16. Sales and persuasive communication skills
  17. Ability to handle difficult or upset customers with empathy
  18. Proficient in using computer software and hardware systems
  19. Attention to detail and accuracy in documentation
  20. Adaptability and flexibility to work in a fast-paced environment
  21. Knowledge of customer service principles and best practices
  22. Understanding of compliance and security protocols in a call center setting
  23. Proficiency in call recording and monitoring systems
  24. Advanced problem-solving skills in a time-sensitive environment
  25. Emotional intelligence to empathize with customers
  26. Proficient in using chat and messaging platforms for customer support
  27. Knowledge of telephony systems and call-routing techniques
  28. Ability to work under pressure and meet performance targets
  29. Strong teamwork and collaboration skills
  30. Continuous learning mindset to stay updated with product and service information

By incorporating these skills into your call center resume, you can demonstrate your qualifications and increase your chances of securing a call center job. Remember to tailor your skills to the specific requirements of the position you’re applying for.