10 Hard Skills for a Call Center Resume

Updated July 2, 2020

If we talk about call center skills, there are a million and one that can be listed. But that would probably not be apt enough to be used in a resume.

Employers expect to see skills on resumes that are particular to a candidate’s possible position in the call center. And if an employer doesn’t see the relevance, he lets the resume be.

The main idea behind writing a resume is to make a point – and what better way to make your point than give an entire list of skills that will help the employer understand how well you can work? There is very little more that is better than this. So the first thing that you have to do is layout your special skills.

  1. What have you accomplished?
  2. Can you work independently?
  3. Can you multitask?
  4. Are you organized?
  5. Do you have it in you to be able to work in a team environment? A
  6. Are you deadline oriented?

If the answer to all these is a resounding YES, you already have a skills roadmap charted out in your head. Great!

Let’s move on. Writing your skills in a resume is the tricky part.

  1. Where does it need to be added?
  2. How many skills statements should I write?
  3. What kind of words must I use?

The answer to the first one is to provide a skills list right after the objective or career summary. What to write? Here is a list:

10 Sample Skills for Call Center Resume

1. Expert in answering customers’ queries by clarifying required information after properly researching them

2. Highly experienced in servicing a large number of incoming calls by efficiently and accurately providing information according to set protocols.

3. Skilled in identifying customers’ needs and researching options to ensure that they are fulfilled.

4. Effectively able to build sustainable relationships with customers and engage them by following the “extra mile” protocol.

5. Proven record of effectively dealing with customers’ complaints to ensure satisfaction, while remaining within the confines of decorum and company limitations.

6. Deeply familiar with performing recruitment and training activities, aimed at determining talent and inducing it to represent the company in a positive manner.

7. Able to demonstrate professionalism at times of extreme distress, by displaying a consistently positive attitude.

8. Deep insight into identifying customers’ problems quickly and providing effective, immediate solutions to ensure total satisfaction.

9. Competent in creating tickets and following up on them to ensure prompt resolution of issues.

10. Able to perform upselling activities by indulging in suggestive selling, aimed at increasing sales and meeting sales goals in a timely manner.