Call Center Team Lead Skills and Abilities

Updated July 20, 2017


You can say it a hundred times that you are skilled in a million areas, but unless you prove this to a hiring manager, it is not really possible that you will be given a chance to work for him or her.

The good news is that both resumes and cover letters allow you to mention and build up on your skills in them. This makes it easy for hiring managers to gauge just how well you will work once you have been hired.

Mentioning your skills is not all that easy though. The complication is perhaps in how you word your sentences and phrases. Simply charting out that you are “skilled” in a certain area will never cut it. In fact, you have to provide a backing for this information.

What are you skilled in? How do you think these skills will help a new employer? What will be your contribution to a company as far as skills are concerned? Your ability to perform a certain task that you know is important to the organization is what will be welcomed by a prospective employer. How will you provide him or her with this information?

The dilemma is obvious. Writing something that is intangible is difficult. However, this is what you must do, so let us help you by providing you with a list of sample skills and abilities for call center team lead position:


Sample Skills and Abilities for Call Center Team Lead Resume


• Ability to create and implement call center schedules according to the specific expertise and limitations of each team member.

• Highly skilled in providing consistent daily direction and communication to team members, aiming to ensure that customer service calls are efficiently handled.

• Effectively provides continual evaluation of processes and procedures, aiming to improve operational areas of the call center.

• Proficient in providing statistical and performance feedback and coaching on a regular basis, to assigned team members.

• Adept at writing and administering performance reviews, aimed at improving skills of assigned team members.

• Demonstrated expertise in responding to and resolving team members’ issues to ensure a consistently stable work environment.

• Documented success in ensuring that all team members work towards high customer satisfaction, through continual training.

• Familiar with assisting call center managers in creating and implementing call center operational policies and procedures.

• Proven ability to create an inspiring team environment, ensuring that all team members are at ease with peers and processes.

• Track record of ensuring that all sales goals are met by constantly encouraging team members to work hard toward their missions.