Track Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 23, 2016

The new age of self-promotion is here! No employer will brand you as a show off if you boast of your skills in a cover letter. It is the norm and it is expected of you to brag about your qualities and how you can use them to provide benefit to the company that intends to hire you. The professional society’s changing expectations are something that you as a candidate need to be aware of – and go along with. Generally, people are so accustomed to vivid, sparkling advertising and creative marketing gimmicks that they expect them everywhere – even in cover letters.

While we do not suggest that you use colors, images, fancy font types and flowery language to get your point across, it is important to be clear when communicating what makes you a good choice for a position.


Track Worker Cover Letter Sample


214 6th Street
Cowen, WV 54412

July 23, 2016

Mr. Blake Johnson
Hiring Manager
58 Rose Road
Cowen, WV 47520


Dear Mr. Johnson:

Would you be interested in hiring a rail track worker who is both experienced in installing and renewing tracks and has the ability support installation and maintenance of tunnels, embankments, cuttings, level crossings and bridges? If your answer is yes, you may be interested in the specific qualifications that I possess, which make me an excellent choice to work as a track worker at Amtrak. Some of these include:

• Complete familiarity with measuring tracks to check that sections are at correct distance from each other.
• Hands-on experience in carrying out site surveys to determine need for maintenance of track sections.
• Highly skilled in inspecting tracks for defects by employing a combination of eyesight and equipment / tool checks

If you are looking for an individual who is completely dedicated to his work and has a multitude of achievements to show for it – including preventing a train collision through presence of mind and show of exceptional physical dexterity – I am your person. Let’s discuss this position face to face. If you need to contact me, please do so at (000) 214-7454.



Gregory Mason

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