Call Center Customer Service Skills

Updated on: April 23, 2018

There is a lot of evidence to prove that skills are your best virtues.

When you apply for a Call Center Customer Service position, you have to make sure that you outline your abilities in a profound manner, allowing the hiring manager to zero in on your capabilities.

These can be highlighted in both cover letters and resumes, but mostly, it is the resume that can adequately elicit this information.

To be able to do justice to any work, you have to possess a certain correlating skills set. This will help you in properly performing your job duties, and you will be able to contribute to the company as well. Since these two things are significant to employers, they always look for skills in an applicant.

If these skills are properly highlighted, he or she will be able to decide on the spot that you are indeed the right person to hire. If not, you can say goodbye to the job that you had your heart set on.Remember that your contribution to a company is what a hiring manager looks forward to.

If you can properly communicate that you can contribute positively, your job application has an excellent chance of being sent to step 2, which is the interview stage.

A list of skills statements particular to the position of a call center representative is provided below:

Sample Skills for Call Center Customer Service Resume

• Highly experienced in taking and responding to a large number of inbound telephone calls from customers.

• Demonstrated expertise in determining customers’ problems, and providing viable solutions, according to company policies.

• Effectively able to obtain customers’ information, by searching the company database through pre-determined fields.

• Skilled in determining customers’ issues, and troubleshooting their problems, by providing step by step instructions.

• Proven ability to identify customers’ needs by engaging them in conversation, or through appropriate questioning.

• Solid track record of building sustainable relationships with clients, by going the extra mile to assist them.

• Adept at creating tickets to handle problematic issues, which cannot be resolved over the telephone.

• Competent in leveraging team and supervisor assistance to solve complicated cases, along with exceptional comprehension of responding to, and closing tickets.

• Qualified to handle complaints posed by irate customers, aimed at retaining their business.

• Focused on providing quality customer services, through consistent self-improvement.

• Well-versed in meeting sales goals, by indulging in upselling activities, following set company protocol.